Get Yourself a System to Track

We’re not going to lie: making sure you’re getting a LOT of dates on married dating sites can be a lot of work.

At least, it can if you’re not sure what you’re doing. While it will still be work and take some effort, you don’t exactly have to pull a third shift at the office just to get some tail.

Work smarter, not harder.

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That might be an old adage, but it holds true when you’re trying to get a date with a married woman. Hell, it’s true for any online dating! Yes, it’s important to put in the time and effort of committing to a website, but you also don’t want to overcommit yourself or set yourself up for failure.

So, you need a way to maximize your time input, and a way to make sure you’re going to be spending your time the absolute best way possible. How do we do this?

Set up a system.

If you have a system to follow, you’re going to get the most input from the output you produce. Make sure you know exactly what you’re doing so you don’t wind up flailing around in the dark.

First of all, you should track everything that leaves your computer. Make sure you’re making a note of every message you receive, because some websites don’t have the function to allow you to keep old or sent messages in a folder when you access your profile.

Be safe with your data.


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If you work on a shared computer, do NOT have a file that will incriminate you or the woman you’re dating! Here’s an example of a bad or incriminating file folder of data:

Time spent: 300 minutes
Chicks emailed: 45
Chicks I banged: 11

While that’s a great way to keep track of your system, adding a point in whichever column every time it’s appropriate, it’s OBVIOUS. The thing about affairs is that they’re supposed to be discreet, or there’s no purpose. An affair where you get caught right as you’re beginning is one that isn’t even worth having.

Instead, try acronyms, or just numbers. If your email is secure, email yourself the key, and you can make it easily look like a work document instead of an extramarital affair like this:

Time investment: 300 minutes.
Invoices sent: 45
Mergers: 11

It doesn’t have to be a big deal, and it’s EASY to make it look like something totally innocuous. The biggest reason guys get caught is usually just because they don’t think things through.

There are other parts of your system that MUST be in place before you can call a site a success or failure, however. One of the biggest ones of these is in regards to how you spend your time.

Schedule yourself.

Yes, this is sounding more and more like preparation for a job instead of for a fun, flirty affair. Sorry, but there’s money and time involved, and for us, that means it’s important to get as much as we can out of the equation before calling it a success.

Develop a schedule if you’re going to switch between sites-and you should. It’s one of the most important things about dating when you’re a married man that you should understand.

Whether you’re using multiple sites at once, or trying out different sites in succession to see which one you like the best, make sure you don’t spend too much or too little time on any one site.

Yes, it’s possible to spend too much time on a site.

You don’t want to be the guy that’s ALWAYS answering emails the second they come in. That guy doesn’t have a life outside an affair dating site, and no one wants to date that guy.

Spend an hour online in the morning, an hour in the evening, or some combination of the kind. It depends on how much time you have to spend-and how much of a mystery you want to remain.


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