Choose Dating Sites With Results

Read full reviews.

You can wind up wasting a LOT of time that you don’t have if you go on blind faith from ANY website-yes, we’re including our own website! This is a site designed to give you tips for married dating. It’s not intended to replace your own common sense!

There are some tips to looking at online reviews, of course. You can’t trust most review websites, because a lot of them get paid to just say a couple nice things about a website and leave it at that. Here’s how to spot a FAKE review website online:

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1. It’s just a line of stars.
2. They have no test results.
3. It’s just a first impression.

Why reviews that are just a line of stars are bad:

If you see a review that’s just a line of stars from 1-5, don’t bother trusting it. Those things take companies behind bad married dating sites about five minutes to put up. They’re not even real reviews, they’re just a fake template with some stars slapped on.

The ONLY purpose of these crappy site reviews is to sell you a dating website. If you see a review that ONLY offers a line of stars, you’re not going to get much information. Even if they offer a line of stars in several different areas (like “hotness of women,” “ease of getting a date,” etcetera), that still takes absolutely no effort.

Basically, you can feel free to ignore any review that doesn’t actually REVIEW anything.

Why reviews with no test results are bad:

Think back to high school. Did you ever take a test that you were SURE you did well on, only to see that you’d flunked it?

Did you ever ask a girl out, CERTAIN that she would say yes, and get rejected immediately?

Sites without test results are like these situations. Except in these situations, it’s like if you took a test and NEVER found out that you failed it, and were just sure that the girl would say yes without ever asking her.

If you don’t see test results, the impression of the site means nothing in the long run.

You can THINK that a site is good all you want. If you can’t back it up with actual results, that means nothing.

This isn’t even because some companies are going to put out scam reviews that just say their website is good when it’s absolute crap ( comes to mind). This is also because some completely legitimate reviewers get tricked by their own ideas of how they’re doing.

That’s why…

Never trust a review that’s just a “first impressions.”

It takes a while to see results on some dating sites. That’s because some of them have more active women than others, and some of them care more than others about responding quickly.

Give it a month.

A month is a good amount of time-if a girl hasn’t responded to your message in a month, she’s not going to.

A month is also a good amount of time for you to compile some data. You want to keep a record of how many emails you’ve sent and how many dates you’ve actually had. This might sound dorky or totally unsexy (believe us, we know), but it can REALLY help you when you’re deciding how you want to spend the rest of your time. As a side note, remember to be vigilant with where you keep your data! We don’t want jealous husbands or wives discovering your notes on the subject.

The data collection is worth it.

If you think a site is working for you but you’re not seeing the results you want, you should re-evaluate whether that’s really the best place to spend your time. If you think a site is messing you up, it’s good to have the data to prove that it isn’t worth your money.

And hey, if you get together with some of your friends and share data, maybe you can start a website where you aggregate results for a bunch of other guys who want to try dating married people.


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