Married Dating: How to Handle Barbie

Not all married ladies are frumpy housewives OR cougars.

Some of them are absolute knockouts-and they want love and sex and flings just as much as the others.

Yes, some girls are more like Barbie than you’d expect, and they want to have affairs, too. These are the women who got married as trophy wives, and found out that it’s not all that much fun being trophies. They’re out to reclaim that feeling of being spoiled and pampered, and they really don’t want to take on any more responsibility than they already have.

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These women don’t really need anything from you.

At least, they don’t need anything from you materially. These girls are well-equipped-they’ve got the house, the ring, the car, and the money already. Even better, they’ve still got their looks!

Seriously, most of these women will look younger than your little sister. If you’ve ever shied away from married dating because you think that all married babes are frumpy, dumpy, and wrinkled, you haven’t been looking on the right married dating websites!

So, what’s so great about dating the girl who has everything?

For one thing, Barbie won’t make demands on you.

She’s all about the fun life, the high life, and about having the things she likes. She wants to feel spoiled and pretty again, and she wants to be exciting to the new man in her life. Lucky you, that means you can have the jewel in some guy’s museum, and you never have to pay for her to go to an expensive salon and get her nails done!

The other nice thing about dating a girl like this is that Barbie’s needs are honestly pretty simple. She’s not looking for someone she can boss around, and she’s not looking for someone that can fulfill all her fantasies. To be perfectly honest, this is a woman who may think that you’re nothing more than an accessory-and that’s awesome!

Barbie wants to be young and cool.


Barbie Babe

This is a woman who is afraid of getting old and not being hot anymore. You can easily make her feel nice and hot by taking her out to sexy young clubs and telling her how beautiful she is.

The really fun part about dating a girl who wants to be young and cool is that she won’t say no to much.

This is a girl who wants to be liked. More than that, she wants to be ADORED. Honestly, if you just keep telling her how pretty she is and how lucky you are to be around her, she’s going to be pretty much up for everything you want to do with her.

Yes, you might have to do a little bit of vocal gymnastics to make sure she thinks you’ll still think she’s a lady even if she acts like a total freak in bed. However, it’s going to be worth it. There’s very little she won’t do to impress you, which can make for some freaky fun between the sheets! If you know how to handle this girl, your nights will never be boring.

There is one thing that you should be wary of when it comes to dating a married Barbie, though:

She’s not all that “out there.”

Oh, she wants you to think she’s the craziest thing on two high heels. She wants to look young and hip and cool, and she’ll be willing to try just about anything you bring up, within reason, as long as it sounds like it’ll make her cute and flirty and sweet.

The thing is, she’s really not that wild. Her idea of a crazy time is wearing white pants after Labor Day. If you don’t know why that’s a big deal, then you’re probably going to be a little startled by how hard Barbie is to handle at first, while you’re getting used to her.

This is not the kinky freak you might be looking for.

If you want a woman to strap you down and ride you like an animal, you’re probably going to be better off going with a cougar, or another bossy lady who knows exactly what she wants. However, those aren’t the kinds of women who look perfect in a pair of white pumps and always have their hair immaculately done up.

If you want to get freaky with a married Barbie, you’re going to have to do all the work. Married dating with gorgeous ladies can be rewarding, but it can also be sort of stressful. These girls are used to being catered to, and they like it very much. If you can’t handle a girl who’s used to the finer things in an easy life, look somewhere else.


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