Married Dating: How to Handle a Cougar

Not every married woman you meet is going to be the same kind of lady. That’s a good thing! If every woman were the same, all those fetish sites and sub-genre sites would be out of a business, and we’d all be out of some really ridiculous porn.

There are some married women with a little more…experience than others. Fortunately, they’re more than willing to share it with you-provided you ask them nicely.

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Yes, we’re talking about COUGARS.

Cougars have a confusing rap in the media, but we don’t care. These are mature ladies who are totally down for fooling around on their husbands, and they’re out to get exactly what they want.

Usually, the word “Cougar” refers to a babe who’s a little older, usually late 40s, 50s, or even older (approaching Golden Girl status), who is totally in control of herself and what she wants. She’s on the prowl, she’s looking for a younger man, and she doesn’t like taking “no” for an answer.

Cougars are AWESOME.

For one thing, cougars have a hell of a lot of experience. These ladies have done pretty much everything they’ve ever wanted to do and try, and they do NOT mind sharing that experience.

Think of all the kinks you’ve tried out. We guarantee that most cougars have tried more, plus some things you’ve never even considered. These ladies have been around for a while, and they’ve been learning the entire time. We can’t wait to get educated!

A cougar wants to feel like a queen.


Cougar Babe

This is not a woman that wants to be arm candy, and it’s not a woman who wants to be gently spoiled and given flowers. This is a woman that wants to be WORSHIPPED.

Hey, if you’re not up to the task, we know a lot of other guys that are. We’re not shy when we say that we’re the first ones in line! Seriously, the wealth of knowledge and experience that cougars have totally outweighs any feeling that you’re not in control or driving the bus on the relationship.

Besides, who wants to be on top ALL the time? That takes a lot of work.

If you fulfill a cougar’s fantasies, you’ll have an ally for life.

This woman is not allowed to be the queen bitch she wants to be during her daily life. Sometimes she feels like she has to compromise on who she really is to make people like her. However, with you (or whoever her lover is-make sure it’s you), she can be exactly the wildcat she wants to be. You can be the guy she lets her hair down with. You can be the one she tells exactly how she likes to be treated.

This is one of the BEST kinds of married dating, and it’s one that we love going to again and again. There’s a lot to be learned from a cougar, and the education process is a lot more fun than we remember school was.

You do have to tread lightly.

Although a cougar is one of the best things you can ever get into bed, there are some…well, some might call them “downsides,” but we’ll just call them “dangers,” to bagging a cougar.

For one thing, cougars really like to be in charge of a relationship. This can be awesome a lot of the time, but it can also feel a lot like being bossed around. These women are forceful and dominating, and can be a lot to handle the first time out of the gate.

If you have an idea, make her think it was hers.

Yes, cougars and other forceful kinds of women can be sort of resistant to doing something that you’re really into.

However, it’s not THAT hard to make a woman think that something is her own idea. Make sure you drop little hints about whatever it is, but do it casually, and don’t sound like you’re all that into the idea.

If she picks it up, be a tiny bit hesitant at first-not against the idea, but not rushing towards it headfirst, either. If she persists, give in. That way she’ll think it was all her idea, and you can get exactly what she wants.

If you’re not good at playing mind games and you don’t want to learn, but you still have ideas you want to get across, there are still options. One other thing you can do is make sure that when you propose something, you give her a choice between the thing you want and something else. Making her feel in-control is the name of the game!

Cougars can be a little rough to handle at first-but they’re worth it!


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