Draw Out Her Kinks For an Amazing Affair

Many women will claim that they are “totally vanilla” in bed, and would never DREAM of doing anything kinky.

Yeah, that’s about as likely as every guy claiming that he doesn’t have any fetishes. Women are people, and people are horny-and sometimes FREAKY in bed!

Every woman has a kinky side. The only ones that don’t are the boring ones who stay home and never get laid, and even then it’s just because they’re repressing it, or taking it out on something weird like hardcore scrapbooking or basketweaving.

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Let’s rephrase that: every woman who’s on an affair site looking to hook up DEFINITELY has a kinky side. You can draw it out, which will make your sex life with her a HELL of a lot more fun!

Here are some tips to draw out your woman’s kinky side.

First, you have to make sure not to be TOO aggressive. Like we said, every woman has a wild side, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to be 100 percent okay with showing it off at first. Why?

Society doesn’t like it when women admit they like sex.

Biting Finger

Hey, it’s not our fault. Blame society. They’re the ones telling girls that they’re whores if they dress sexy, and that they’re sluts if they say they like sex with guys they’re not married to. (As a side note, for every girl who hears you call another girl a slut is a girl who isn’t going to tell you she’s a freak in bed. Girls don’t want guys to think they’re gross!)

You don’t have to tell her you want to know her kinks to hear her kinks.

Women like to talk about what they like in bed, but not all of them will admit to having kinks…per se.

Instead, what you can do to draw out those kinks is ask her about her affair fantasy. If she isn’t sure, start hinting that she probably has a wild side, something fun and exciting and animalistic that she doesn’t show to just ANY guy.

Chances are, she’s been waiting for some guy who can make her feel like it’s okay to be nasty every once in a while. Remember, she can do things with you that she can never do with her husband! Make the most of it!

Don’t be too aggressive.

There’s nothing that will turn a woman off more than a guy who’s drooling and too eager. These guys are NOT going to get laid. They’re going to get pitied, and maybe laughed at, but they’re definitely not going to get a hot affair on a married dating site.

Probably the most important thing you can remember is that married women aren’t as insecure as single girls.

These are women who have been in relationships before. They’ve had men before. You’re not exactly going after virgins, and you can’t expect them to be quite as eager to please. Girls who haven’t been around the block before are always going to be more willing to let you do whatever, because they’re worried you’ll think they’re boring. Married women, on the other hand, know exactly what they want, and they’re not shy about taking it.

This can be AWESOME. When a married woman has a kink, it’s usually something she’s tried before, and often. That means it’ll be something she’s pretty good at, or occasionally, something she’s WANTED to do often but been shut down by her husband.

You can be her fantasy.

If you’re the guy who swoops in and gives her the raunchy, exciting sex that her husband won’t, she’s going to keep coming back to you for more again and again.

Focus on how she feels.

Focusing on your woman’s feelings is the KEY to making sure you guys can keep having wild sex in the future. If she says she likes a certain kink, there are times to take it at face value, and times to talk more about it. For example, if she says she likes to be spanked, it’s okay to ask if she likes being a naughty schoolgirl. However, if she says she likes being held down, it’s NOT a good idea to immediately ask if she wants to be overpowered and made completely helpless. Keep it slow in the beginning! If she wants to get crazier, she’ll make the first move.

If you focus more on how a woman feels instead of her actual physical act, she’ll be WAY more receptive to letting you in, at first and in the future. And of course, if you rock her world, you’ll be invited back again and again!


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