Keeping Your Married Dating Under Wraps

Now that you’ve scored a hot married babe, whether cougar or Barbie or something in between, it’s time for you to work on keeping both of you happy and safe…by making sure you don’t get caught.

If you’re a single guy, this is going to be a little easier for you. Just try to make her life hiding you a little easier. Don’t wear cologne that smells strong, and pay for everything so she doesn’t ever have to whip out incriminating plastic. If you can keep everything under wraps for your married babe, she’ll be less stressed and less likely to bail on you.

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But sometimes the people who like to date married people ARE married people. There’s nothing wrong with that! A lot of the times, it’s easier for a married guy to understand what a married woman is going through, and it goes the other direction as well.

If you do have a wife, you’ll have to hide your affair from her as well as from your lady’s husband. Not to worry: we’re here to show you exactly how to make sure you don’t get caught!

There are three ways to hide your trail: the way you act, the way you browse, and the way you spend.


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By hiding these three things, you’ll never be caught.

1. The way you act.

It’s EXTREMELY important to act normally when you’re having an affair. If you start ignoring your wife out of the blue to go off with your mistress, YES, she’s going to notice. This is going to be a huge tip-off for her, and she’s going to start digging deeper, looking for evidence.

This also goes the other way, as we explained in our guide to having an affair without anyone finding out. Sometimes, being NICE is the worst thing you can do. If you’re always doing a few things wrong around the house, don’t suddenly develop a love for doing them right.

Suddenly being a good husband can be as big a tip-off to your wife as suddenly being a worse husband. Keep it consistent, and act normal.

2. The way you browse.

It’s 2013, and you should be able to spot whether you’re engaging in safe online behaviors or not.

But just in case you’re not sure whether your behaviors are safe or not, take a look at this list of the WORST and most UNSAFE Internet behaviors that people engage in on married dating websites:

  • Don’t use the same computer that your wife uses to cruise married dating websites!
  • Don’t leave a married dating website up on your computer browser-EVER.
  • Don’t use a browser with Autofill so that everyone can see your login information.
  • Don’t use your personal email address to sign up for married dating websites.
  • Don’t pay for a married dating website with a credit card or bank account attached to a joint account with your wife.

These net behaviors are going to get you IN TROUBLE. They’re not safe, and they’re not good practices. That’s also one of the ways that guys get caught, and one of the ways that guys get scammed out of a lot of hard-earned money on scam sites.

3. The way you spend.

There’s ALWAYS a money trail.

Even if you think you’re being cool and discreet with all your behaviors, your spending might betray you.

If you have a joint account with your wife, make SURE that you don’t spend anything on your married date from that account. Your wife WILL be able to track it. If she gets the slightest inkling of a thought that you might be stepping out on her, that is one of the easiest things to look at for evidence, and it can get you in trouble.

Use cash, cash, cash!

Cash is perfect. It’s untraceable, unless your wife is some kind of super spy with skills they’d love to have in the Special Forces. Even private investigators are unable to track the flow of cash.

If you can’t get a separate bank account from your wife, start making cash withdrawals. You WILL have to pay for everything with your married babe, so it’s for the best that you start collecting money now, and learn how to cover your tracks when the time comes.


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