Setting Up the First Date With a Married Woman

So you’ve been talking to this woman for a while and she’s very receptive. Everything is going well, and you’re pretty confident that it’s time to meet. You ask her out, and she says yes! Time to party, right?

Not quite yet.

There are still a few things you have to do before you’re ready to hit the town (or just a nice motel) with the girl you’re hooking up with. With a little preparation, you can rock this out of the park, but there’s no reason to go in half-cocked (ha ha, we’re very funny).

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Preparation might seem a little boring compared to the night of wild fun that awaits you and your first married date, but believe us, everything will go a LOT more smoothly if you follow just a few simple rules. We’ve used these rules, and everything has always gone MUCH more smoothly.


  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Condoms
  • More condoms
  • Lubricant (water-based)
  • Extra condoms
  • A few sex toys
  • Anything you two have talked about using
  • A few more condoms
  • A change of clothes
  • A couple sexy items you didn’t talk about
  • One final round of condoms

Yes, we’re really stressing the condoms. There’s a REASON for that, and it’s that there’s nothing less sexy than having to run out in the middle of foreplay because you didn’t pack enough condoms.

Let’s say you think you can go two rounds (hey, we’re not 17 anymore) in a few hours. What if everything goes great and you want another round in the morning, or even in the middle of the night? Suddenly, two condoms doesn’t cut it. What if you find out that one of the ones you brought is torn, or you lose one? Do you forego the sex, or run out on a hot married lady waiting for you in bed because you don’t have protection?

Before you ask, the answer is NOT to do it without one. Even if you’ve got a vasectomy or she’s had her tubes tied, no-pregnancy sex is not safe sex. We shouldn’t have to tell you this, but if she’s lying to her husband about where she is on a Friday night, she might be lying to you about chlamydia-and good luck explaining to your wife how you got THAT.

Can you introduce kinks?

Couple Date


Hopefully, you’ve been feeling out her “wild side” in a few naughty emails over the course of your flirtation, and you’ve got her talking about some things she’d like to try.

This is a GREAT opportunity to introduce them! Yes, even on the first date-as long as you do it RIGHT.

Women who have affairs like to be surprised and spoiled. As long as you spoil her and keep delivering the goods, you can keep surprising her as well. If you’ve discussed some things that both of you would like to try, don’t be embarrassed to ask her if she wouldn’t mind taking a couple of them for a test spin-after all, they’re her kinks, too.

Don’t do too much on the first date.

Just because you brought it doesn’t mean you have to use it! Consider your party bag as the way to plan for just about anything that could happen. It’s insurance, not a checklist. You just don’t want to be caught without the things that are in there.

If you try to work through your entire party bag on the first night, you’re probably going to overwhelm her-or even yourself. This isn’t the kind of thing you have to do all at once, because you’re probably NOT going to only see this woman once (hopefully). You have to leave some fun things to try for your married affair together!

Don’t scare her off.

Yes, the kinky shit you’ve discussed can be a lot of fun. We’re not arguing with you about that.

But too many guys think that it’s more important to get all their kinks taken care of, and they don’t pay that much attention to what their date is actually feeling. This can lead to a hell of a lot of lonely nights at home while the woman of your dreams is with her husband-or more likely, finding another guy on the site where she met you.

Take it slow and easy, and you’ll both get off more in the long run.


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