Tips and Tricks Before You Start Looking for an Affair

Some guys think that preparation starts when you get ready to meet the girl you’ve been talking to.

That’s not soon enough.

If you’re going to successfully have an affair, you need to start prepping long before that. Otherwise, you’re just going to be wasting your time and your money, and not getting anything out of it.

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The most important thing is that you choose the RIGHT married dating site for you. Yes, we have a list of the best sites for guys who want to hook up with married women, but you shouldn’t just trust a list. Some websites are better for some guys, and others are better for others.

That’s why we include the charts AND reviews.

The more information you have, the easier it is for you to find the site that’s right for YOU. That’s why we include our comparison charts, so you can always make the most informed decision possible based on ALL the data. Then we have full-featured reviews that you can use for a more in-depth look at what makes these sites flop, and what makes the best ones stand out.

A lot of married dating sites are just scams.

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The most important part of your married dating strategy is to make sure you’re not getting taken for any kind of ride you didn’t sign up for. That includes learning how to protect yourself online from dating site scams before you commit to any one site.

These sites make a bundle by tricking guys like you into thinking they’re legit with fake profiles, fake site design, and absolutely no commitment to helping you get laid.

We’ll show you how to spot these fakers.

Yes, the home team always has the advantage, and the house usually wins in the end if you gamble long enough. But we’ll show you how to spot these fakes BEFORE they spot you. Learning to avoid them is as easy as knowing which sites are GOOD.

If you do your research before you commit to a website, they have much less power over your purchasing decisions. YOU make the calls, not the websites that think they can hoodwink you.

Of course, the most powerful weapon in your married dating arsenal is the fact that you have access to lots of in-depth reviews.

We provide reviews so that you can learn what TRULY sets these sites apart from each other. We don’t evaluate them based on dumb stuff like whether they LOOK the best (although we do offer reviews based on site design in our reviews).

When you look at other review sites, they mostly deal with whether the sites have hot girls or not. We look at a LOT more than that. If you find review sites where all they can talk about is that the girls are ugly and fat, you’re probably on a bad review site. Bad sites aren’t marked by the attractiveness of the women-if there are REAL WOMEN on a site, there are going to be some that you find attractive. There’s just no way a whole site full of real women will ALL be ugly or not attractive to you.

Our criteria are simple. If a site gets us laid with hot married babes, it’s a success. Simple enough?

We think so.

If you don’t feel like reading through all the in-depth reviews, don’t bother. That’s WHY we have comparison charts. Our charts break it down for you simply, as tips for married dating should.

If you want to get laid on a married dating website, you have to make sure you’re on a legit site. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your own time and money, and you’re not getting the results you want-or the results we think you (and most guys) deserve.

The top married sites WILL help you bag a hottie.

These sites aren’t just great for show, they’re actually the best of the best. If you’re not sure, check out how many more times we got laid on, for example, compared to how many times we got laid on It doesn’t take much thought to figure out which of those sites is legit, and which one is just a scam!

If you’re on the best married dating sites, you’re GOING to be successful. These are the sites that will get you laid no matter what you look like, as long as you follow our guidelines. Otherwise, you’re going to be out in the cold when it comes to a hot date.


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#1 Married Dating Site: EroticAffairs
#2 Married Dating Site: AffairsClub
#3 Married Dating Site: AshleyMadison


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