Work Smarter Than Those Other Chumps

One thing you need to know when you’re getting into married dating is that there are a LOT of other guys doing the same thing you are.

These guys want married women, and they want to hook up with them bad. Most dating sites are about 75 percent male, and those are the halfway-decent ones. While good dating sites are more like 50/50, a bad dating site is easily 90/10 male to female.

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That’s the bad news.

Don’t worry, it’s not all bad news!

The GOOD news on top of that bad news is that most of the guys on these sites have no IDEA how to get a woman interested in them. These guys are totally unable to talk to women in real life, and they seem to think that by sending a message that says “nice ass” all the time, they’re going to somehow get in someone’s pants.

This is not true.


Relaxy Couple

Women are smarter than a lot of (stupid) guys give them credit for. They know when a guy is lying to get into their pants-yes, even if you’ve lied your way into a girl’s pants, chances are she knew about it and had already decided to sleep with you anyway.

The important thing to realize is that we can help you get ahead of ALL those guys.

Some guys think that they’re automatically behind when it comes to the dating game because they’re not as attractive, not as young, or not as rich as their competition. Nope!

We’re all average guys.

We have decent jobs, but nothing to write grandma about. We aren’t hideously deformed, but we won’t be starring in any underwear commercials any time soon, either.

So, obviously we have a lot of SUPER SECRETS about how we’re always getting laid with hot married ladies?

Well, not really. Our tactics for married dating are actually pretty simple, for the most part. You have to manage your time wisely, for one thing (as we discussed elsewhere on this site in our guide to tracking your progress on a married dating website).

If you don’t already have a schedule, make one. This will enable you to make sure you’re not looking needy on one site and too aloof on the other.

In addition to having a schedule, it’s important to manage exactly how you respond to a woman’s email. You don’t want to always be jumping as soon as she responds to one of your emails, or it’s going to destroy the cool-and-busy persona that women respond to so well.

We recommend that you only sign on twice a day at most. Sign on in the morning before work (or while you’re at work, if you’re lucky enough to have a job where they don’t track your Internet use) and after work in the evening. Space out the two times you spend on each site per day. Remember, you shouldn’t need that much time on any one site.

We specifically design things so that you don’t need to spend much time on any one site. If you’re well set-up, your excellent profile should do most of the work for you-and yes, we’ll teach you how to set up a profile. Check out our guide to making your profile pop on a married dating site for more tips about setting that up.

If you MUST sign on more than twice a day for whatever reason, make sure you only respond as if you’re online during those times. Just wait, but don’t wait more than a day. You don’t want her to think you’re blowing her off, either. It’s important to walk the middle road between being TOO available, and not being available enough.

There’s a big difference between sending a quick message to say that you’re busy and you’ll respond later, and just not responding for several days. One of them will make her think you’re a busy man on the go, who doesn’t have the time to hang around and be obnoxiously clingy. This is a GOOD thing.

The other will make her think that you’re either an asshole who has decided she’s not worth your time, or she’ll think that she’s done something wrong and be totally turned off of online married dating.

You don’t want either of those outcomes.

A good schedule helps you iron those issues out. Also, you can use STOCK EMAILS in order to save even MORE time. We provide some email templates that you can use if you want to save time and guarantee that you’re going to sound good with every woman.


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