Date Movies That Will Get You Laid

“You should create a fun movie night at home”

Not every girl is the kind that you want to take to the movies on the first date. A movie is a big commitment for a first date, since you’re committing to a pretty long time together. You can’t just duck out easily if things go wrong, and you also won’t get to know each other too well.

But after a couple dates, a fun movie night at home might be exactly what you both enjoy. If that’s the case, this can be a great preamble to getting laid the first time, even if you met online on a dating website. There are a few movies that will always get you laid.

Pride and Prejudice

You might not think that watching stuffy English people flirt awkwardly with each other for two and a half hours would make a girl get in the mood for love. However, this timelessly classic (we hear) novel has been dropping panties for a couple hundred years, and every adaptation just does it better and better. Fortunately for you, there’s a movie version that’s just over two hours long now, so you don’t have to sit through the six-hour miniseries.

Sleepless In Seattle

“Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan – Famous for their incredible chemistry”

The original Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan classic! There’s a reason these two were in pretty much every film that came out in the 90s and early 2000s. These two had a chemistry that made every girl want to snuggle down into a relationship. It’s not the kind of chemistry that lights the world on fire, but it’s definitely the kind that makes her think she’s lucky to be with a guy, that she wants to be with a guy, and that it’s better to be with a guy than being alone. If you can work up some genuine emotions on top of the Empire State Building, you’ve got this one totally in the bag.

Pretty Woman

As a warning note, this is probably the only movie about hookers that you should watch with a date. That aside, this is a good movie in its own right. Young Richard Gere (still with gray hair) and Julia Roberts before her mouth got even bigger star in a classic tale of selling ass on the streets, and somehow they still managed to Disney-ify this into a good date movie. If you put this one on, expect your girl to want to feel spoiled afterward. You don’t have to drop a huge amount of cash on her, and usually telling her that she’s an even prettier woman will work well enough. Fortunately, this movie also leads to some pretty great role play in the bedroom later if both of you are feeling kinky. And hey, you can always trade off who gets to be the john and who gets to be the hooker, if you guys are into that kind of thing. Hey, it’s your $3,000, we won’t judge. Making your woman happy with kinky role play is a great way to make sure she returns the favor!


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