Drinks to Have On Hand If You’re Entertaining

“Rum – Sweet exotic cocktail”

There are a few things you can do in life that will scream “class,” and they are all to do with how you present yourself and the things you own. One thing that’s very easy to attend to is making sure you have a fully-stocked range of drinks for when you bring a woman home. You don’t have to know how to be a bartender. In fact, there are a few things that you just need to have on hand even if you don’t know how to make anything that will still tell her that you’re not just a stupid frat boy looking to get laid with a hot woman.


The great thing about rum is that it’s great on its own and mixed with other, incredibly common drinks. Mixing it with some can of cola you have in your fridge is one of the easiest mixed drinks there is, and it’ll still make you look more cultured than if all you have to offer is Rolling Rock. If you get a really nice bottle of rum (and avoid it when you’re just entertaining yourself-don’t be that guy), you can even make sure that the girl you’re with can always have something to drink neat as well.


“Vodka – The best date drink”

Vodka isn’t nearly as good neat as a lot of liquors, but that’s no reason to ignore it when you’re doing the shopping for your liquor cabinet. In fact, vodka can be the best drink in your arsenal, if you know how to properly utilize it, because it’s one of the most versatile liquors there is. It’s difficult to think of something that doesn’t mask the taste, because vodka is so clear and pure compared to a lot of the less potato-based liquors. Any kind of juice and soda mixes well with this minibar essential. Make sure that you get quality vodka as well, because the cheap stuff tastes like cleaner and is only for broke college students.

Really Good Whiskey

If a girl you’re seeing asks for whiskey neat or on the rocks, you don’t want to be the guy that comes up empty. This is the drink of choice of some girls that are absolutely wild in bed, and you always want to be the guy who can provide. More than that, you do NOT want to be the guy who pulls out a terrible bottle. If she is a high-class girl, she’ll appreciate a single-malt from Scotland (get something with “glen” in the name). If she’s a hometown girl, get a nice Kentucky bourbon. Have it on hand.

If you know how to stock up properly on liquor, you’ll never be put out when you ask a girl back to your place for a nightcap. Having a few mixers on hand that you can use in your everyday life like cola, sparkling water, and fruit juices can be a huge boost to your class level as well, and it doesn’t take that much effort to turn yourself into a flawless bartender.


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