Expensive Gifts That Will Get You Laid

Money isn’t always the main thing you should consider having when doing a lot of married online dating. That being said, it can’t help if you’re dating a girl that you need to impress before she hops in the sack with you! Not all ladies need the money flashed around, but if this woman does, then choose the gifts that you buy her carefully. If you do that, there’s a good chance she’s going to hop in the sack with you pretty darn quick, and keep coming back for more in the future if you keep pushing all the right buttons!

Sparkly, Pretty Jewelry

"Give her a beautiful necklace"

“Give her a beautiful necklace”

Okay, this one should be obvious. If you buy a girl a diamond, there’s a pretty good chance that she’s going to be wowed and thrilled by the gift, and want to return the favor…in the bedroom. If you know she isn’t fond of diamonds, though, then opt for another stone that can still really turn her on. Get her a stone that you know she likes in a cut she likes, and that will speak volumes. It’s still pricey, but it is a bit more intimate than just throwing a clear rock at her. Keep that in mind when you go jewelry shopping for your next pricey gift.

A Cruise Somewhere Tropical

"Take her on a romantic cruise"

“Take her on a romantic cruise”

There are few women out there that don’t want to go on a tropical cruise at some point in their lives. Maybe they need a break from work or maybe they just want to go and always have, so it’s up to you to make it happen. Cruises are expensive, especially if you go with a cruise line that really does its job right. Romantic cruises can be even more expensive, and you have to plan these out well to make sure that they fit in her schedule (and so that her husband won’t find out). Whatever you end up deciding on, make sure that it has all the glitz and glamor that she could ever want.

A Gold Plated Vibrator

We’re not even kidding; these things are awesome. They exist, and she might laugh at it at first, but there’s always the curiosity that comes after that for her to try it out. These things are really expensive, and while she might want to try it out on her own, there’s a good chance that she’ll want you to try it out on her. Jump at the chance to see that pretty thing in action. Honestly, is there a more straight-forward way to get laid with an expensive gift than this?

There are a ton of other expensive gifts out there that will bring her running to the bedroom, but these are some of the simplest and most accessible options for a guy having an affair. Keep these gifts in mind, and there’s definitely a big chance that she’s going to look twice at you, and also look twice at the option of your bedroom. Good luck and happy dating!


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