Expensive Gifts That Won’t Get You Laid

There are a lot of presents you can throw at your woman once the two of you have met in person from an online dating and married site. That being said, not all of those expensive presents are actually going to get you laid! Bear in mind that not every lady wants something sparkly or flowery, and every lady’s taste is different, besides. If you really want to get her something that she’s going to love, talk to her before you go out and throw away thousands of dollars in cash on something she’s just going to throw out the window later that night!

Really Pricey Jewelry

"Giving her a diamond chain"

“Giving her a diamond chain”

A lot of ladies love to get expensive jewelry. A lot of times, though, they really don’t want it because it’s way too obvious of a gift! Expensive jewelry is not only hard to hide from their husbands, but it’s not exactly the most subtle of gifts. If you’re coming on too strong and throwing expensive gems her way right off the bat, she might feel a little freaked out threatened by your, uh, enthusiasm. Seriously, a first date or even a tenth date isn’t the time to give her a diamond ring. Honestly, this kind of thing is really not the sort of thing you want to give a lady you’re having an affair with…ever. Stick for the pretty stuff that isn’t going to empty your bank account in one fell swoop.

Ritzy Vacations

Okay, while you might be with a girl that likes to go on a vacation once in a while, they don’t have to be the glitziest or the most glamorous. So long as the two of you are having fun, there’s no real reason for you to throw down thousands of dollars on a luxury cruise that is going to attract a lot of attention to the two of you. Rather than going on some really expensive vacation, opt for something local that the two of you can enjoy on a weekend out. A more personalized vacation is something she is going to enjoy a lot more than a really expensive one!

Enormous Bouquets of Flowers

"Don't buy pricey flowers for her"

“Don’t buy pricey flowers for her”

Sure, sending her a hundred roses at her workplace might be really cool and fancy and show stopping, but it’s not going to get you in her bed. What is she going to do with those flowers when they start looking gross, anyway? That’s right–throw them away. That’s about what she’s going to think of you when you just keep sending her pricey flowers, because she’s going to think you’re boring and predictable. Don’t bother sending her gifts like that!

There are a lot of other pointlessly expensive gifts out there to get your lady that aren’t going to impress her. You’ll honestly be lucky if she even looks at you twice if you give her something like that, let alone if she hops in bed with her. Stick to something more personal rather than something more expensive, and you’ll find you have much better results!


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