First Date Movies To Avoid

There are a lot of movies out there that are really not good for the first date that you have with the lady you’ve met on an online married dating site. Maybe some people would enjoy them, but unless you’ve got some specialized interests, the two of you should really stay away from these movies, or else she’ll be freaked out, you’ll be put off, and the two of you just aren’t going to have a good night at the movies at all. She might not ever want to see you again if you opt for one of these flicks!

The Human Centipede

Everyone has heard about this movie. If you haven’t, it’s about a whack job that decides glueing people’s mouths to other people’s butts is a fun practice. It’s a really gross-out horror movie, and while it achieved something of a cult status, attempting to show this to the woman that you’ve just met is pretty much the dumbest idea in the history of anything. Unless the two of you are die-hard gross-out horror fans, you need to pick a film that isn’t going to ruin the evening and make the two of you toss up that expensive dinner that you just got home from.

Marley and Me

Don't watch this movie on your first date

Don’t watch this movie on your first date

This movie is the complete opposite of the last one we mentioned, but it shouldn’t be first-date material for a few reasons. First of all, the dog dies. Obviously. It’s a tear-jerker and not exactly a mood-setter for the evening. While dogs are cute and it’s a pretty heart-warming film, it isn’t exactly something you’d want to show your date in order to get her in the mood to tango behind a closed door…unless she’s into dogs, and if that’s the case, you need to run, not walk away from her.

The Ruins

"You should stay away from horror movies on your first date"

“You should stay away from horror movies on your first date”

Ah, another horror movie. Are you seeing a trend here yet? Stay away from horror movies in general, yes, but this one will make a lot of people cringe. While it’s a good horror movie, it’s not a good date movie because it’s a lot of couples going out to explore some ruins on their vacation…and then they end up eaten by plants. Oh, glorious day. If that isn’t bad enough, it’s about a lot of people having to saw off their legs in order to survive. That definitely sounds like a movie we’d want to show our girl (not).


And finally, another horror movie that is really not date material. This is a movie about some college kids conducting studies about fear. Sound fascinating? It is. That being said, it’s not date material. One of the guys ends up locking his vegetarian friend up in a room with only a steak to eat, which ends up rotten by the time she’s finally starving and with no choice but to eat it. It’ll turn your stomach, gross the two of you out, and really make it not the kind of movie to start off a sexy evening with.


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