Fun Role Play Ideas for the Bedroom

Role play is one of the sexiest, most exciting things you can do with a partner. If you’re going to be seeing someone who’s experienced in bed, like if you’re fooling around with a married woman, just being together may be scintillating enough. But if you’re looking for a fun way to spice things up without risking something dumb like getting caught getting freaky in a public place, you may want to try role play.

Remember, don’t worry if you two feel awkward or you laughingthe first time. Having costumes can help, and if you feel stupid, at least you were trying something fun. If you manage to get past the first time, you’ll probably enjoy it a lot more the second time and even more after that.

Doctor/Nurse, Doctor/Patient, Nurse/Patient

“The art of erotic role play”

Who didn’t play doctor as a kid? Bring that excitement back (but of course, with adults). You don’t need a stethoscope for the game, although it can make things feel a lot more real. If your girl really likes getting dressed up and being harassed a bit by her boss, ask her to be your sexy nurse. Helloooo, nurse! If she’s more into being pampered and taken care of, she can be your patient-or go the other way around and get on your back for that sexy nurse or surgeon.

Cowboy and Saloon Gal

This is a fun one if either of you can do an old west accent. We guarantee that your girl has at least ONE thing in the closet that can double as a sweet saloon girl costume-or hell, if she wants to be a rival gunslinger pouring you a drink at the end of the day, that could be fun, too. Don’t worry, you don’t need to actually have a horse. There’s just something about the thought of a man wandering in all mysterious and dangerous, not looking for trouble but not running away from it, that gets women hot and bothered every time.

Boss and Assistant

“This boss-assistant role play can spice up your sex life”

This one is charmingly unisex. If your girl is feeling like she’s been naughty, have her be your secretary. See if she’ll wear a miniskirt, and how much you can get away with pinching her butt. If she’s feeling like she wants a turn at being the boss, she’s probably got a pair of very high heels (or even high heeled boots) along with some papers she needs you to file right away. Whichever way you play this scenario, you can enjoy the game of power and control.

Hero and Maiden

If you’ve ever needed your chance to rescue a damsel in distress, take it now-as long as your girl doesn’t mind being a damsel, of course. If she wants a turn at being the prince, who are you to complain? Just make sure you don’t accidentally hurt her by trying to climb up her hair. Waking her with a kiss is just as nice, and won’t yank on her scalp.


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