Great Road Trips for You And Your Girl

Road trips are one of the best times you can have with your woman, whether she’s a scintillating affair or she’s the girl next door made good. If you’re thinking that a little taste of the open road is just what the relationship doctor ordered, check out our recommendations for the BEST road trips you can hit. There’s one for every length, and in each corner of the continental U.S.

Short (1-3 hours): North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway

“Take her to this beautiful place”

If you’re all about natural beauty, check out this scenic section of the best the South has to offer. If you want to see mountains, ridges, and stunning foliage, there’s no better place than the Blue Ridge Parkway. It has walking, hiking trails, biking trails, and beautiful places for you to park your car.

Medium (5-10 hours): Pacific Coast Highway

If you have a little more time, why not take your honey up or down the beautiful California coastline? See old growth redwood trees, the stunning Pacific Ocean, go through wine country, and enjoy the best of fruits and vegetables and white sandy beaches for as long as you want to take the road. The 101 might not be as fast as highway 5, but it makes one of the best road trips in the world, let alone in the West.

Medium (5-15 hours): Maine Acadia Parkway

If you’re into the more NorthEastern portion of the globe, check out the Acadia parkway. This takes you around the coast of Maine, the northeastern most state in the Union, and you can see firsthand the drama of the rocky coastline. Make sure to include at least one sunset in your trip!

Longer (10-20 hours): Yellowstone National Park

“A great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature”

You can spend days upon days in Yellowstone National Park, which makes it a great place to take your girl. This spans states like Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, and spans over 3,000 miles. That makes it the largest national park in the continental U.S.A. after Death Valley. You can take as much time as you want seeing the scenic byways, but be careful that you don’t hit any massive bison or moose!

Longest (35 hours): Route 66

The old historic Route 66 has since been renamed and repurposed. Now, it’s Interstate 40, but it still remains one of the roads that’s most interesting and easy to drive in the entire country. This road is the only one to continue unbroken from coast to coast, starting in North Carolina and ending in California. It passes through dozens of states along the way, giving you a chance to see the breadth and variety of the whole country. This isn’t exactly a nighttime drive, but consider taking a week to truly explore everything the country has to offer. Stop in Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, New Mexico, or one of the other many states that this historic and magnificent states this road has to offer.

Road trips are a great way to enjoy some quality bonding time with someone you love. Just make sure you don’t hate her music!


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