How Much Effort is Too Much Effort?

"A demanding woman - Skip on this kind of girl"

“A demanding woman – Skip on this kind of girl”

There’s always that one girl that you have trouble with. Maybe she just doesn’t seem to dig you at all no matter how much you do, and maybe she’s still wrapped up in her husband even after claiming she’s all about having an affair while married. No matter what the case is, there’s a point when you need to realize that it’s just too much work, and she’s never going to be into you like you’re into her. There are a few easy ways to realize that, and you need to run these things through your head when you’re trying to determine if it’s just too much work from now on.

She Doesn’t Call Back the Night After

"Are you waiting for her call?"

“Are you waiting for her call?”

Maybe you went out of your way to sweep her off her feet and take her to a romantic dinner. Maybe you pulled all the stops, took her shopping, and then the two of you had a really hot, sexy night under the stars. Whatever the case, you went out of your way to please her, but she just doesn’t call you the next day!

That can be pretty off-putting for a lot of guys, and a big blow to the ego. Maybe it just wasn’t enough, you’ll tell yourself. Or really, the main issue here is that she doesn’t give a damn, and she isn’t worth it. If you find yourself waiting for a phone call that doesn’t come even after you’ve given it your all, it’s too much effort. Pass on this girl and move on!

She Still Wants More

You might have bought her a diamond ring, but if she starts turning her nose up and wishing you bought her a diamond tiara, you’re going to start to realize that she wants way too much from you. Skip on this kind of girl and think about other girls out there that don’t need a bunch of diamonds to make them happy. This is the kind of woman that is going to drain you dry and still not be satisfied at all!

Her Husband Is Way Too Involved

If you find yourself not being able to see her except for once every two weeks, then she’s probably too much work. Maybe her husband is the kind of guy that hovers around her because she’s had an affair before. She might find it really difficult to figure out ways to get out of the house, and she might beg you for rides from time to time to make it happen. If this keeps happening again and again, there is a really good chance that she just isn’t worth it, because you’re going to be driving yourself insane with all the work.

It’s hard to imagine a lady that isn’t high maintenance, but they exist. Not every woman requires a lot of effort to make a good relationship happen, but if you find yourself caught in a loop where you’re putting in a ton and not getting much back, it’s time to step away and find yourself another lady!


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