How to Attract a Younger Woman

“Talk confidently”

We get it-most guys want younger women, secretly or not so secretly. These girls are hot, they’re at the best time of their lives, and nothing about them has started to sag or nag yet. However, it can seem like these girls are always running around with guys their own age, and not willing to give an older guy a chance. How do you get them to notice you?

Fortunately, a LOT of younger women are really into older guys. You might not know it to look around, but there are younger women who only considering dating men who are much older than they are. Surprisingly, it’s not usually about money-it’s about feeling taken care of. Here’s how to make sure you look like the kind of older guy that all the young girls want to date.

Dress Expensively

“Dress to impress”

If you can’t afford nice clothes, nice cars, nice accessories, and a nice house, make sure you’ve got the clothes. Your look is one of the most important things about the way you’re presenting yourself, and a girl wants a guy she can be seen with. Take care of yourself, keeping your hygiene perfect, and make sure you never go out looking ratty, even when you’re not planning to meet her. Accidentally meeting up with a young cutie in a Frankie Say Relax T-shirt will kill any desire for her to meet you again.

Be Confident

This is the number one most important thing you can do if you want to hook up with a younger woman. Even married women respond well to a guy that’s confident about himself and his own abilities. These ladies want a guy that can take care of business, can handle himself, and can handle any woman he wants, too. If you can be that guy, they won’t even care what age you are. As a warning, confidence is different from arrogance, so make sure you don’t step over that line.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

One of the best things about being an older man is that you can be more laid-back about a lot of stuff. You’re at a point in your life where you’re not worried about paying the rent or what grades you’re getting in school, and that can be a great incentive for girls to choose you over a guy their own age. If you start angsting and worrying over every little thing, a younger girl is never going to feel cool or excited about dating you, so make sure you’re taking life slower and easier. That doesn’t mean you want to slow down so far she’ll have to drag you along, though!

If you’ve got an eye out for a young babe, worry less about finding one and more about how to attract one. Make sure you’re presenting yourself in a way that makes younger girls want to flock to you instead of wanting to alert authorities about the creepy old dude, and you’re more than halfway there already.


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