How to Attract an Older Woman

You don’t have to be shyabout liking the older ladies. Lots of guys are into women with a few more digits on the milometer, for various reasons. These ladies are usually hotter in bed because they know what they want, they’re self-sufficient so they aren’t clingy, and they don’t bother with a lot of the dumb stuff that preoccupies the younger crowd of girls. However, knowing how to get with an older woman is different from knowing that you like to hook up with them. Here are some tips for how to land a mature lady.

Do Charity

“This is the best way to impress her”

As women age, the things that they find attractive in a man change, too. When they’re younger, they tend to like guys that have certain “things,” like nice cars and eventually houses. When they get older, though, they’ve usually had all of those things. At least, the best cougars have experienced all the nice things in life, and are in the mood for someone who wants to give back. Surprisingly, doing charity can be a pretty big incentive for a mature woman to give you a second look, particularly because it’s the kind of thing that you don’t see many young men doing. It shows that you’re emotionally mature, and that they won’t have to be your babysitter, which is what older women hate the most about going out with younger guys.

Be Direct and Honest

“Honesty is the best policy”

Mature ladies don’t want to spend their time playing games, they want to get to the main event-which is one of the reason they make such great lovers! You can usually get away with telling an older woman something directly that you never could with a younger woman. If you’re married and just looking for sex, make sure she knows that. Your honesty will probably be refreshing. She’s put up with a lot of B.S. over the years, and has probably gotten very good at spotting liars. By making sure you’re not one of them, you’re ahead of the game.

Make Yourself Convenient

Older women who are cruising the town don’t want to waste time. They want to find a guy they like and cut to the chase, not spend hours and hours flirting at the club. Time gets a lot faster the older you get, and when you’re the age of some of these cougars, it’s practically flying. If you find an older woman you want to hook up with on several occasions, make sure she has an easy way to reach you. If you go running to her first call and rock her world, she’s going to call you again, and again, until she’s completely finished. By making yourself convenient, you’re making yourself number one in her little black book.

If you want to hook up with an older woman, you’re going to need to know how to present yourself. An older woman is looking for certain qualities in a man, and as long as you can be convenient, refreshing, and altruistic, you stand a great chance.


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