How To Get Her Pets To Like You

It always is kind of a bummer if you head over to your girl’s house and her dog ends up barking the whole time. It’s even worse still is her cats end up scratching you when you try to pet them, because that just gives the impression that no animals like you. There’s something to be said about animals being a judge of character, but hey, she doesn’t need to know that. If you follow a few simple tips, there’s a good chance that her critters will like you well enough, and she won’t be suspicious about you coming back over to her place in the future.

Let Them Come To You, Not You To Them

Pets are weird creatures. A lot of times, it’s the cats that are the nuttiest and not too into strangers in general. If you really want her animals to like you, then sit quietly and wait for them to approach you before you run over and try to touch them. It’s pretty off-putting for people if you’re too affectionate with them, isn’t it? Animals are the exact same way, and you wouldn’t go chasing after a woman to pet her hair, so don’t do it with critters, either.

If that still doesn’t work, then at least you haven’t made a fool of yourself. Trying to go over to a lady’s house after all that wooing over an online affair dating site means that you’ve really hit the jackpot, so don’t ruin it by making sure that her animals hate you permanently!

Don’t Grab and Force Them To Stay

"Don't force him to stay on your lap"

“Don’t force him to stay on your lap”

If you finally have the cat or dog or whatever in your lap, don’t force it to stay there. Pet it gently, and let it wander around as it pleases. There’s nothing more annoying than a guy that insists he’s great with animals, and he just ends up clinging to them to make them stay in his arms. It’ll not only piss the animal off, but it’s going to piss your girlfriend off, too. If you sit quietly and give them the petting that they want, then they’ll probably like you well enough and come back for it again later.

Don’t Be Loud and Obnoxious

"Be soft-spoken with her pet"

“Be soft-spoken with her pet”

Animals are in general pretty put off by loud noises. Even if she has a dog that loves to jump around and be encouraged, it’s going to not end well when that dog gets too fired up and starts snapping at you when it feels kind of threatened. Be soft-spoken and gentle with them, and animals will respond in kind. If you’re really good with them, then she’ll think you’re a real animal whisperer, and think it’s quite charming.

Getting your girlfriend’s animals to like you didn’t difficult. It’s a lot like getting her to like you, actually, but without all the hitting on them and weird stuff. Just be nice, be a good person, and animals will usually reserve a good judgment for you. Keep that in mind with people, too!


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