How To Know If She’s A Gold Digger

You’ve found the perfect lady, or so you think you have. She’s gorgeous, she’s married, and she seems like a blast in the sack. It’s hard to find the perfect package when looking on online dating married sites, but she’s more than perfect, or so you think. The problem is, she starts asking you to pay her bills, to take her shopping, or to generally buy her a lot of things that cost a lot of money. Is she a gold digger? It’s pretty easy to tell if you just observe her for a bit, and see what exactly she’s really after.

She Wants You To Take Her Shopping…All The Time

"She loves shopping"

“She loves shopping”

It’s one thing to take the lady you’re dating out shopping and for a good time. It’s something else if she wants you to do it all the time, and to pay for absolutely everything. You might be made of money, but she’s taking it to the next level! Unfortunately, if she wants you to buy her a lot of things, there’s a good chance she’s taking advantage of your good nature and your rather deep pockets. It’s pretty obvious when she starts demanding you take her to the ritziest stores and really goes out of her way to spend your money as much as possible!

She Starts Asking You To Pay Her Bills

She might be married and with a husband that’s already making some serious bucks, but she starts asking you to pay for her out of control phone bill. It’s only fair, she says. She’s spent so much time talking and texting you that you need to help pay for it! That’s just the start of it, because soon enough, she’s going to want a new phone, and she’ll be expecting you to pay that bill, too. Maybe she’s also run up a few credit cards, and she’ll bat her eyelashes and beg you to help her pay some of them off. She always promises something in return, of course, but it may or may not ever come. Those headaches sure are pesky, aren’t they?

She Wants Some Really Expensive Gifts

"I want this dress"

“I want this dress”

And if she doesn’t get them, she pitches a fit. It doesn’t matter if you try to reason with her that the diamond necklace she’s eyeing will just cause her husband to start asking questions. This lady doesn’t care. She just wants all she can get from you and your pocketbook, and if it’s diamonds and designer dresses, then she’s going to get them if you let her walk all over you.

There are a lot of other clues that will point you in the direction of her being a gold digger. That being said, if you see the warning signs, get out and get out fast! This kind of woman is only after one thing and that’s your money, and if she tries to stick around with you, it’s going to drain you dry. Find someone else and toss this kind of woman to the curb!


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