How to Know Your Blind Date Is Nuts

When you’re spending time getting with girls on dating websites, you’re occasionally going to turn up some duds. This is true whether you’re on a married dating website, a singles dating website, or even a sugar daddy website. Duds are fine, if boring. What everyone REALLY wants to avoid is the nutso chick who secretly has a cleaver in her bag.

Fortunately, there are some ways to tell when a date isn’t going to go right, and you need to get yourself out of there quickly. Here are some of the ways that you can tell this girl isn’t worth any more of your time and sanity.

She Makes Crude/Racist Jokes Right Away

“You should not tell her an offensive joke in the first meeting”

We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with crude humor. Some of the funniest jokes we’ve ever heard are jokes we’d be ashamed to tell in front of our mothers. However, there’s a time and a place for that kind of thing, and you have to be able to follow social cues. If the girl you’re meeting immediately goes for a really crude or racist joke, this is someone who either has never been around people much or just doesn’t listen to what they have to say. When you first meet someone, you don’t know what they’ll be offended by, and telling an offensive joke is a big way to turn off a lot of people. We’re not saying it has no place, but make sure you give it some time.

She Didn’t Dress Up

“She is not the right lady for you”

Normal girls dress up for dates at least a little. The bare minimum is a nice shirt, jeans that make her look great or a cute skirt, and a little bit of makeup. If she shows up in a ratty t-shirt and no makeupwith her hair back in a severe ponytail, this girl doesn’t really have her head in the game. This is not going to be someone that you want to go out with, even if you think she’d look nice all dolled up. The important thing, again, is that it’s necessary to know how to follow social cues. A girl that acts weird for no reason is just going to keep doing it, and you never know where that will lead.

She Immediately Lays Down Rules for You

Some girls have certain criteria for the guys that they go out with. We’re not saying they shouldn’t. However, occasionally you’ll go out with a woman who wants you to know all of them right away, and gives you certain rules to follow. These are women to AVOID at all costs, because they can get downright nasty when they don’t get their way. Here are some warning phrases to watch out for-if the girl you’re meeting up with uses any of these phrases, look out!

1. Any guy who dates me HAS to be…
2. The only reason I’m going out with you is because you’re…
3. You’d better be gratefulI’m going out with you.
4. If you’re going to keep being a part of this, you’re going to need to…


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