How to Know Your Relationship Is Over

Everything has a time and a place, and everything that starts has to end. That’s just the nature of thermodynamics or something, or maybe good storytelling. The point is, relationships are the same way. Whether you’re just taking a sweet thing out for a spin on the town or you’re dating someone else’s wife, every relationship reaches a point where staying together just isn’t as good as being apart would be. You have to learn how to recognize this point in your relationship so you can get out with no regrets, and never be wishing that you’d recognized the signs sooner. Here’s how to know that your relationship has run its course and it’s time to bow gracefully out.

You Dread Seeing Her

“Difference of opinion”

The girl you’re with doesn’t need to be the reason you get up in the morning, but thinking about her at least should put some kind of a smile on your face. If you’re honestly dreading seeing her, you have no more business being in a relationship with this woman. Maybe she’s great, and maybe you’re great, but the two of you are obviously not as compatible as you should be. There are so many other women out there that it’s totally pointless to make yourself suffer by staying together. If you feel a pit in your stomach at the thought of meeting up, it’s time to move on.

Someone Cries More Than Once a Week

Relationships are something that humans are in by choice. You don’t HAVE to be with someone. Anyone who says you do is just trying to sell you something. If being in a relationship is making you miserable, it’s time to get out of it. If you see (or hear, or know about) your girlfriend cry more than once a week for any reason, she’s not happy. If YOU cry that much, you know just how unhappy you are. There’s no reason to put yourself through hell just so you don’t have to sleep alone at night.

You Fight More Than You Make Up

“Pointless fights”

A lot of people say that the best part of any fight is the makeup sex, and that can definitely be true…for a while. However, there are a lot of times that it gets to be more fighting than making up. Some couples get to a point where there’s no real resolution. They fight, they go to bed angry, they wake up and go on with their lives. Unless you’re getting some kind of resolution from a fight, you’re not getting what you emotionally need from the relationship, and you’re going to be carrying a lot of anger and resentment towards the woman in your life. That’s no way for anyone to live. If it gets to the point that you feel all those unsolved rage moments building up inside you, it’s better for everyone if you just end the relationship now, before anyone has a chance to come out of this any worse than they already are.


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