How to Look Like You Have Money (When You Don’t)

Let’s face it: women don’t want to date guys that are broke deadbeats. They want someone that can spoil them, someone that can take them out on the town, and someone that can make them feel special-even if they have to pick up the check at the end of the meal. But the recession has hit people hard, and plenty of guys are as broke as the English majors of yesteryear. The good news is, you can still LOOK like you have money, at least enough to make a girl think you’re not a terrible prospect to hook up with. This also works well if you like hooking up with older, more established (even married) women, since they won’t feel like they have to babysit you.

Take Care of What You Have

If you only own one suit, take care of it. Brush it for lint, carefully patch any holes, and only wear the pieces from it when you absolutely have to, like during job interviews or hot first dates. As long as you can pull it out when you need it, no one will mind that it’s not the best suit in the world. If you don’t have a suit at all, try local charities. Seriously, even if you’re not on food stamps, local churches and church-run thrift stores frequently help unemployed guys get good interview suits. Once you have a good one, take care of it, treating any stains as soon as you get them, and make sure you don’t wear them out too fast.

Learn About Classy Things

“Talk about wine”

If you act like you’ve been drinking cheap beer and eating stale saltines all your life, you’re never going to be able to pull of class no matter what you’re wearing. However, if you sound like you’re just going through a bit of a hard patch, most women won’t care whether you’ve currently got cash on hand. Learn to talk about wine, cheese, and classical music (or movies or art), and she’ll think you’re just an awesome and classy guy who’s a bit down on his luck at the moment.

Pay Attention to the Details

“Make sure your shoes are clean”

When you’ve only got a few things to wear, it’s important that the details of your outfit are the parts that you pay the most attention to. Make sure, for example, that your shoes are always clean. Dirty shoes are a sign that you’re not really taking care of yourself, which comes across as much worse than simply not having some dollars to sling around. If you make sure your hair is neat, you’re not going to look like a hoodlum.

Not having money and being broke are two different things. Women understand if you’re a little sort on flow at the moment. After all, it happens to everyone at some point in their lives (or at least most people). What matters is how you deal with it. Act like someone clean and upright, and women will respond as if you’re wearing a Rolex instead of a Timex.


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