How To Tell If She’s Had Plastic Surgery Or Botox

Not that it matters very much, because she’s definitely hot, and you definitely want to bang her! There’s always a few ways to tell if she’s had plastic surgery, though, and so if you’re curious and don’t want to ask, you can always look closely and figure it out. Don’t be a jerk about it, though; you worked hard to snatch up this chick from the online dating married site that you found her on, so appreciate her for what she’s worth and not for the plastic surgery that she might have had. It really doesn’t matter, remember that!

Puffy Lips and Cheeks

"Give a compliment on her puffy lips"

“Give a compliment on her puffy lips”

After botox injections, there’s usually a period where a person’s face is actually swollen and not lifted up nicely. There also might be some bruising, especially around the lips and on the cheeks where it happens most often. Botox is supposed to eliminate wrinkles, smooth out skin, and make lips fuller in general. It has a lot of side effects, though, and if she isn’t into you touching her face one of those days, it might be because it’s sore after she just had her last round of injections. That isn’t always the case, of course, but just keep that in mind and be nice about it. If she looks good after the fact, that’s the only part that matters, right?

Those Boobs Don’t Really Jiggle

Breast implants are a pretty common things these days, and a lot of times, they will be on the wish list of a lot of women. There’s nothing wrong with that, because if it makes her feel good and makes her look even better, then by all means, knock it out of the park! It’s usually pretty noticeable if a lady has had a boob job, though, and that’s because a lot of fake boobs just don’t have the natural movement that most boobs do. They also might be pretty perfectly round, and there might be some minimal scarring there that you can see if you squint. Still, you can reap the benefits from some fake tits, and there’s a good chance that she looks hotter than ever before if she has them!

Silicone Anywhere

"Cheekbones - See the difference"

“Cheekbones – See the difference”

If her face doesn’t really move when she smiles, there’s a good chance she’s got some silicone up in there. There’s an old joke about being able to see one’s cheekbones because they’ve been moved so sky high by plastic surgery, and that may very well be the case with her. If she looks good, then what’s it matter? You’ve got the hottest chick in the city on your arm, with or without plastic surgery.

There might be a few other ways to tell if she’s had plastic surgery, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter much. Also, if it’s a really good job, then you won’t be able to tell at all! The best plastic surgery jobs are very natural, and that’s probably what she’s going for. If not, she might brag about it. Whatever the case may be, enjoy it!


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