Make Your Boss Send You On Business Trips

"Show him a list of vendors who would be beneficial for his business"

“Show him a list of vendors who would be beneficial for his business”

Business trips are some of the best ways to get out of town and have affairs with some really hot, sexy ladies that you’ve be on online dating married sites. That being said, your job might not exactly be the kind of job that is made for going on business trips. If that’s the case, you need to convince your boss to start sending you out and making a name for you and the business. There are a few different ways to really make this happen, and you should go all-out in order to meet those women that you know are out there in other parts of the country!

Do The Research Yourself

If you show the initiative and go out of your way to find conventions or meetings that will benefit the business or your knowledge in the business, there’s a great chance your boss will be all over sending you out there to attend them. Go home and search the internet to see what’s in your area…and what’s pretty far out of your area, too. You can always start small and appreciate those days off with a light work load, or travel far and beyond in order to meet the woman of your dreams. Just make sure that the convention you find pertains to your job, and pitch the idea to your boss. If he likes the idea, get him to sign off on it and run off with a married lady while you’re being paid to do it! Obviously, don’t skip the convention you’re being paid to attend, but it doesn’t have to be all work when you take some time out of town.

Make It Worth Their While

"Rent a car to make him think you're dedicated to your job"

“Rent a car to make him think you’re dedicated to your job”

Even if they’re paying for the trip and the time spent ‘clocked in’ and working at the convention you’ve found, you don’t have to ask for an all-expenses paid trip. If your boss is hesitant to start sending you out on business trips, you can tell him that as long as the travel to get there is paid for and you’re compensated for your time, then everything else is gravy. Go for the hotel yourself, and even the rental car. This will make him think you’re really dedicated to your job, and not just all about getting that lady on your arm for the weekend without interruptions. In the future, your ‘dedication’ to the company will really make them pay attention, and they might start paying for everything. That’s going to be a sweet deal if you have a lover in another city!

There are a lot of other ways to get your boss to start sending you off on business trips. Maybe it’s just a thing in your company already, but you have to prove yourself in order to make it happen. If you apply yourself to your job, you won’t only get a promotion, but you’re going to be sexier to the ladies, too. Make it happen, and enjoy those opportunities out of town!


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