Safe Pet Names

Everyone has an ex that has freaked out over some pet name or another. There are a lot of reasons for that, and people get very touchy about things like pet names in general. However, it’s kind of natural to call your significant other by a pet name, if you’re feeling close to them. Being shot down is one of the worst things, because it’s difficult to call someone a good pet namewhen they’ve already told you to stop. Unless she’s told you to stop calling her names in general instead of calling her by a specific one, there are a few ways to give her a sweet nickname that she won’t object to.


“My wild cat”

The good thing about appearance-based pet names is that they’re pretty specific to the girl herself. While girls don’t like the more conventional pet names as much as Hollywood movies have led us to believe, they do still tend to like ones that apply to them and only them. If she has brown eyes, try out “My brown-eyed girl.” If she’s got a beauty mark, call her something sweet and French. Make it personal to her, and she’ll be much less likely to take offense, even if she doesn’t usually like pet names.


There are also pet names you can call her that most people wouldn’t understand. In fact, something that most people don’t understand is one of the best prerequisites to pet names. Try to base them on experiences that are personal to the two of you. If she hit a can with a particularly accurate rubber band snap, call her Annie Oakley. The more personalized it is-and the more explanation it will take to other people-the more she’ll feel special every time you call her that. It will also make sure that you’re not copying an ex’s nickname for her, which is all for the better.


“Don’t call me Renee”

There are some pet names that girls REALLY don’t like. In general, these tend to be the ones they consider very creepy and to be fetishizing youth, such as baby, little girl, baby girl, etcetera. Then there are the ones that they don’t like because they’re too typical, names that everyone gets called: honey, babe, sweetie, etc. These are probably re-used.

As a final warning, you may want to stay pretty far away from any play on her actual name unless you can personalize it to something specific that happened between the two of you. Why? Because that’s been her name all her life, and one of the first things parents do is call their kid every stupid pet name underthe sun. Don’t call a girl named Renee “Renaynay,” she’s DEFINITELY heard that before from her mother, and that’s not sexy at all.

Remember, if a girl asks you to stop calling her a specific nickname, stop. This isn’t something funny that she’ll learn to like later. In most cases, it’s just a way of you telling her that what you think about her is more important than what she thinks about herself, and that’s going to turn any girl off.


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