Topics to Avoid on a First Date

A first date is great at making people feel anxious. Even if you’re just finally meeting up with someone you met online at a dating site, you’re going to want to make a great first impression. Something that a lot of first-time daters don’t seem to understand is that yes, you really should avoid certain topics on your dates, especially on first dates. More often than not, these are the topics you should also avoid at family dinners, and at parties that you attend in mixed company you’re not too sure of. People think that because they met on a dating website where they already aired their opinions, these subjects are safe to talk about on the date. However, this is not the case! Many people on dating websites will ignore certain facets of personality that they find obnoxious because they like the person as a whole. In general, there are three subjects to avoid on a first date.


“I think you don’t know anything about politics”

Politics is more divisive in America now than it has been since the Whigs versus the Tories. Even if you know her political party and you totally agree with it, you’re still running a huge risk every time you open your mouth about politics. You don’t know if her family is very into politics and you’re going to risk insulting them, or if she used to hold another opinion, or if she just said she agreed in order to get a date with you. There are lots of other subjects to talk about, so pick one.


“Don’t talk about religion on your first date”

Even if you know someone’s religion, this is not a first date kind of topic. Religion is extremely personal to most people, and by bringing it up, you’re making yourself look like someone who isn’t good at taking social cues. Once more, you don’t know if you’re going to insult your date’s family or past self, and you run the huge risk of finding out that they’ve become more or less pious since you set up your date. Religion is just one of those things that you have to avoid just to make sure everyone is safe, and you shouldn’t try messing with that just because you run out of stuff to talk about.


There are VERY specific situations in which you should talk about money, and a first date is not one of them. You can talk about your job and whether you’re feeling “comfortable” or not, but that’s not the same thing as actually saying a number. Stay completely away from all numbers if you can help it, in fact. They’re not going to make your case. You might find that her idea of what’s a good living is very different from yours, which could make one of you feel very awkward. If you talk about who’s picking up the check, you’ll look unpleasant and grasping. For the first date, pick it up. You can always decide to go Dutch next time, when you’re sure there will actually be a next time.


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