Topics To Never Bring Up In The Bedroom

"Past relationships"

“Past relationships”

There are a few things you should never bring up when you’re starting to heat things up in the bedroom with the woman you’re dating. These things should be common sense, especially if you’ve been around the married and dating circuit more than once, but you’d be surprised how many dudes just don’t get it. Whatever the case, these are just the things you should outright avoid talking about when you’re trying to be sexy behind shut doors, so keep it in mind when the two of you finally get between the sheets to have some fun!

Don’t Talk About Her Husband

"You need to shut your mouth"

“You need to shut your mouth”

It doesn’t matter if they actually have a fun relationship or a good one. Don’t talk about him! The time that you have with her in the bedroom is time that is only supposed to be between the two of you. If you start asking her about her husband and how he does things in bed, you’re going to start pushing some buttons that really don’t need to be pushed. There’s a good chance that you’re just going to turn her off entirely, and the whole evening is going to be ruined in short order! Don’t talk about him, don’t mention him, and just avoid the topic of him entirely. This includes in and out of the bedroom, actually!

Don’t Talk About Any Trauma

Maybe she’s had a hard run of it. She might have been sexually abused in the past, or she might have even been raped. Whatever the case, don’t talk about it. It’s one thing if she brings it up to let you know that certain things trigger her and make her have flashbacks, but it’s something else if you start the conversation first and make her feel uncomfortable and awkward about what happened to her. If she wants to talk about it, then she will. Otherwise, you need to shut your mouth and let your lady do what she wants in the bedroom without that sort of baggage.

Don’t Talk about Your Past Relationships

No woman wants to hear about a man start talking about how his last girlfriend was amazing at giving head when she’s in the sack with him. She doesn’t want to hear you asking her if she can do it a certain way because hey, your last girl did it that way and it was amazing. You can skip any and all talk about your girlfriend or wife or anyone, actually, because she doesn’t care. Just as much as you don’t want to hear her talk about her husband, she doesn’t want to hear you talk about your other relationships!

There are a lot of other topics that don’t need to be brought up in the bedroom, so just use your brain and don’t talk about them. She’s going to appreciate it, you’re going to appreciate it, and there’s going to be a lot more sex happening and a lot less stupidity happening if you keep that in mind. Good luck and have fun!


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