What A Woman’s Dye Job Says about Her

"She is a brave lady"

“She is a brave lady”

A lot of women dye their hair. Depending on who you’re talking to on a married online dating site, you might find that a woman does it often, or is actually kind of scared to after the first time went wrong! Women vary widely in this practice, and you might find women that have never even dyed their hair once. The way a woman treats her hair can say a lot about her, so it’s something you should monitor closely and comment on in order to find out more about her and her preferences in not only her hair, but in life!

No Dye What-So-Ever

Maybe she’s never had her hair dyed, not even once, and so she’s an all-natural girl. If she feels confident pulling that off and loves her own hair that much, then good for her! You actually don’t see a lot of women out there today that haven’t dyed their hair at least once, so it’s pretty cool to see a lady that is doing her own thing, so to speak. Maybe she’s got luscious locks because of it and really pulls it off, or maybe she’s an older woman that relishes the grey that’s coming in. Whatever the case, she’s rocking the no-dye look.

The Use of Henna

If you’ve got a girl that uses henna on her hair, she’s a brave soul. That stuff is impossible to get out unless you wait for to actually grow out, and it doesn’t always turn a woman into a fiery redhead–it can make hair orange if they aren’t careful! That being said, this is a lady that knows what she wants without dealing with all those gross, unnatural chemicals…or at least, that’s what she’ll say.

Natural Colors

A woman might decide to go natural, even if she’s dyeing her hair a color that isn’t her natural color. Maybe she’s a blonde and she’d much rather be a redhead. A trip to the salon is all that it will take, and she’ll come out looking naturally auburn. You see this more often than anything else, as it’s really easy to change a hair color into a natural one at the drop of a hat. A chick can just pick up a box in the store for this purpose, too!

Wild and Crazy Colors

"She doesn't care what others think about her"

“She doesn’t care what others think about her”

Sometimes, you’ll find a lady that doesn’t give a damn, and wants to be a slew of unnatural colors. Maybe she’s been pink once, maybe she’s been purple, and maybe she’s been blue. Maybe she’s been all of them at once for all you know, and so her driver’s license photo is always something of a conversation piece at airport security checkin. Whatever the case, she’s confident enough to pull off a lot of colors and make it suit her work. We can only imagine she has a heck of a time with that at her job, or at least, hopefully her job doesn’t care about it either. Good for her!


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