What A Woman’s Perfume Says about Her

Certain women like certain perfumes, and that’s just how they roll. You might find yourself wondering why certain married women enjoy a certain perfume, especially if they’re hooking up with you after meeting on an online married dating site. There is a lot of psychology behind perfumes, and there’s definitely a lot of that behind why women wear the perfumes that they do. Some women might just like the scent, but there’s usually a feeling of empowerment that they get when they have their favorite ones on. Knowing what kind of perfume your lady wears will tell you a lot about her, so pay attention to that!

Citrus Scents

"She is soft and sweet"

“She is soft and sweet”

Perfumes that are citrus scents are light and tangy, and you will often find women that are outdoors a lot enjoy these scents. These are the ladies that love warm weather and fitness, and love feeling fresh all of the time. A citrus perfume is just that; it’s light and fresh, and perfect for summer months. It’s a great daytime and work safe perfume, and a lot of times, the ladies that wear citrus scents are women that might be sweet and soft, but don’t want to draw too much attention to themselves and their sex appeal.

Floral Scents

A floral scent is obviously anything that smells like a flower, be it rose or lily or anything else like that. Often times, these perfumes are a single, simple floral note, and the ladies that like to wear them usually don’t like a lot of frills. They might be a little girly, but they often associate floral scents with childhood. These are also pretty work safe so long as they aren’t too cloying, and while they’re pretty sweet, they also make a good daytime perfume. These are the kinds of girls that are a bit more comfortable with their sexuality overall.

Fruity Scents

"These girls are sexy"

“These girls are sexy”

A fruity scent is just that–one that smells like fruit! It’s not like citrus, because these can smell like strawberry or watermelon or anything in between. They’re bright, light, and a little sexy sometimes when paired with darker notes. We’re getting into the party girls now, because these perfumes are perfect for a college girl out on the town.

Oriental Scents

These scents are darker and heavier, with musks and a lot of incense. These are the perfumes of the night and winter, where a woman wants to blanket herself in the scent of sex. They’re sexy, delicious, and a woman wearing this scent knows that she has to be bold to pull it off. You won’t find women that are afraid of big entrances wearing this kind of perfume!

Oceanic and Green Perfumes

These perfumes are light, fresh, and organic. You might get some cut grass or ocean waves here, and these are the kinds of ladies that want something a bit different, but still traditional. They might be a sweetheart in the daytime, but a real minx at night. These are the kind of women that will shake you right up!


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