What Her Nail Polish Color Says About Her

There are a lot of ladies out there that covet and enjoy collecting nail polish. Maybe they just dabble in it, or maybe they go out of their way for their first married dating hookup to put on their favorite color and look perfect from head to toe. Whatever it is that they enjoy, there is a lot you can figure out about the color of nail polish that she is wearing, and if you take the time to observe and comment on it, you might even get more of a story out of your woman about it (and her!).

Red Nail Polish

A lady in red is confident and feels sexy. Red is a classic color that a lot of women opt for in an evening out, because it makes them feel good, sensual, and seductive. Red is the color of sex to a lot of ladies, and it pairs well with that little black dress in spades. If you see a lady sporting a bold red polish, then you know she means business. There a lot of variations of this, but anything red, be it bold or sparkly, means that she’s out on the prowl!

Orange Nail Polish

"She loves to rock"

“She loves to rock”

Orange is a hard color to pull off for a lot of ladies. If she’s sporting this, then she probably marches to the beat of a different drummer more often than not. She isn’t afraid to try new things, and she might have a style that is a bit funkier or fun. If she’s wearing orange, then she must really know she can rock it–or maybe she’s not sure but she doesn’t care. This is a unique girl that has a lot of different layers to her, and that orange nail polish is just the tip of the iceberg.

Yellow Or Green Nail Polish

Yellow nail polish is another color that a lot of ladies run screaming away from. Green is one, too! It’s a little wild, definitely not safe for work, and can look bad on a lot of different skin tones, so ladies tend to avoid it unless they want to look sickly and washed out. Most ladies don’t, so they just don’t wear it. If a lady doesn’t care, or heck, if she can rock it, then she’s definitely going to. Women that are wearing these colors are probably a little odd or off-the-wall, so enjoy them!

Blue Or Purple Nail Polish

"These girls are romantic"

“These girls are romantic”

These colors aren’t as common as that bold red, but they look nice on a lot of women, and they serve an entirely different purpose, besides. Women that wear these colors are in general a bit softer, a bit quieter, and not so much about sex as they are sensuality and the desire to cuddle. These ladies are a lot more romantic than they are sexual, so keep that in mind when you’re wooing them. The might have a spark of an oddball in there, but mostly, these colors are all about some love!


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