What Her Taste In TV Says About Her

"Women who love crime shows are awesome in bed"

“Women who love crime shows are awesome in bed”

You’ve found this smoking hot lady to have an affair with, and the two of you settle down on the couch to watch some television together after a night out on the town. This should be something painless and fun, but your eyes pop out of your head when she flips on Rupaul’s Drag Race. There’s a lot that your girlfriend’s taste in television can say about her, and while it might not always be what you expect, there can be a lot to be found out about her from this kind of thing. Take it at face value and enjoy it if nothing else!

She Likes Reality TV

Honestly, who isn’t into some reality TV show nowadays? There are a dozen and a half to choose from, whether it be about cooking, drag queens, fashion, or the family life of a bunch of trailer park trash kids. Reality television is basically the staple of a lot of people that tune in every week, and you really shouldn’t judge her based on that. These kind of television shows can be addicting!

That being said, if she likes reality television, she probably is kind of competitive, picks favorites, and has some obvious preferences. Watch who she’s rooting for. That’ll tell a lot about the kind of person she likes on married dating sites, even!

She Likes Crime Shows

Shows about crime are another staple of American television. These shows vary from being pretty realistic to being ridiculous, and depending on which show she actually likes to watch, you can kind of tell what kind of woman she is. If she’s into CSI, there’s a good chance she’s less about the facts, more about the drama, because that show is loaded with crap. If she’s into Law & Order, you’re going to have to dig a bit deeper and see which spin-off of Law & Order that she likes. If it’s SVU, there’s a good chance she’s fascinated with the dark and morbid. Good for you; maybe it means she’s a little nuts in bed and that might be kind of exciting.

She Likes Fashion Shows

"These girls are fashion-conscious"

“These girls are fashion-conscious”

While it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s a girly-girl, a girl that watches shows about makeup, modeling, or pageantry might mean that she’s pretty fashion forward and conscious about the way she is put together. She might even be watching these kinds of shows in order to improve her own look. Nothing wrong with that, because you’re the one that reaps the benefits when she looks lovely at the end of the day!

There are a lot of other kinds of shows that she might enjoy when the two of you are watching TV, and the best thing you can do is sit back and observe, even if you aren’t a fan of the show. Seeing what she enjoys in that aspect is a good indicator about what she enjoys about the rest of life and hobbies, so make sure your eyes are keen and watching closely!


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