What NOT To Get Her For Christmas

“A diamond ring”

When you’re having a steady date with a woman, even if you’re doing something raunchy like hooking up with a married woman, you ARE going to have to get her something for Christmas. Women expect gifts for Christmas, and if you’re the asshole who doesn’t get her one, your relationship probably isn’t going to last much longer than that. Yes, this applies even if you two decide not to do gifts for Christmas. The thought is what counts, though, so do NOT get her a cop-out gift or a just plain terrible gift. These are some of the WORST gifts you can give to a woman on Christmas.


Buying a woman jewelry is a TOTAL cop-out for a Christmas gift. Yes, many women love jewelry, but just because it’s a nice gift doesn’t mean it’s the right gift. There are a lot of things that should go into a jewelry gift, such as making sure it’s something she’ll actually wear, making sure it’s something she doesn’t already have, and making sure you’re choosing the exact right price range of jewelry for your current stage in your relationship. Unless you’re 100 percent confident in all those things, don’t risk it, and find something better to give your lady to celebrate the season.

Bath Products

“Stay away from such bad gift ideas”

Bath products are the biggest cop-out of all time when it comes to buying a woman a present. The only thing more impersonal than a bath product is a gift certificate-and no, you shouldn’t buy your girlfriend one of those, either. Bath products include lotions, soaps, body scrubs, and anything else they sell at the stores that comes in a fragrance of “cucumber melon.” These are a terrible idea. Either you’re saying she doesn’t smell good or you’re saying you have no idea what else she could possibly want. Unless she’s put an extremely specific item on a wish list and handed it to you, stay away from these.


This is a bad idea. NEVER get a woman a pet as a gift. If you do, you’re showing that you don’t respect her ability to make her own life decisions. Buying a pet is a big deal, because you’re introducing a whole other personality into this woman’s life. If you’re not living together, this is just another added responsibility for her, and she’ll feel awful if she can’t keep little Fido. If you’re living together, she probably sees this as just a way for you to get yourself a pet and make sure she cleans up after it. Either way, getting any pet, unless you’ve previously talked about it, is a recipe for certain disaster.

Buying gifts for women at any time of the year can be difficult. They can be opinionated, there are missteps you don’t know you’re making, and you don’t want to put your foot in your mouth when you’re trying to be romantic. Fortunately, there are certain traditional Christmas gifts like pets, bath products and jewelry that are ALWAYS safe…to avoid.


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