What To Get Her For Valentine’s Day

"Scented candles for her room"

“Scented candles for her room”

It’s hard to gift the married woman that you met on an online married dating site something for Valentine’s Day. The problem is usually that it will be too obvious, and the key to dating when you’re married is to be discreet and keep it that way! You also don’t want to be cheesy and fall into the same trap that everyone does for Valentine’s Day, so keep this sort of thing in mind when you’re shopping for her present. While chocolates are fun, they don’t last, so get her something that she will really remember by asking her what she’s actually into!

Something For Her Garden

"A beautiful pair of gardening gloves"

“A beautiful pair of gardening gloves”

Maybe she’s an avid gardener or would like to learn how to be one, and so a gift to get her started would be a great way to give her that head start. There’s also a lot to be said about giving her something that will actually help her cultivate flowers instead of giving her that old-fashioned bouquet of roses that everyone is going to raise an eyebrow at, anyway. A book about gardening, a few live flowers to plant in there, a cute pair of gardening gloves or some tools–these are the sorts of gifts that can be personal, cute, and discreet, and she can really say that anyone got her these kinds of things, including her friends at work!

The Ever-Popular Gift Certificate

There are a lot of people that thing getting a lady a gift certificate is coping out. The thing is, it’s discreet and easy to give, and that makes for a lot when it comes to having an affair. It doesn’t have to be a total cop out, either. You can get her a gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret, and slyly ask her to pick out something that she’d look amazing in for next weekend. She’ll probably be thrilled to do that, and be able to get something that she’s really happy to have. Gift certificates aren’t so bad, even for Valentine’s Day gifts!

Opt For Candles, Not Perfume

Perfume is a classic, but again, it’s not discreet. Her husband will be asking questions about where she got that expensive perfume, especially on Valentine’s Day. Rather than getting her the perfume, get her a candle with the same or similar scent, and she’ll be able to have that in her home the next time you sneak over. It’s a lot smarter of a gift because it is something her husband will probably not even notice! If he does, then maybe he has better taste than you thought, but he’s still not going to immediately think she’s having an affair.

There are so many other gifts you can get your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, but it just takes some thinking to make them sweet, subtle, and discreet. Keep all of those things in mind when you’re shopping for her, and make sure you don’t fall into clich


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