What To Get Her On Her Birthday

"The book she likes the most"

“The book she likes the most”

It’s not hard to get a woman a few nice gifts, especially on her birthday. The key here, though, is to stay subtle and stay smart, or else her husband is going to start to get ideas about whether or not she’s having an affair while married. Whatever the case, you should be able to find her a gift that works for her, the situation, and all of her interests while still really doing something special. Women know what they want, so you need to ask her what she’s really looking forward to and go for it!

A Gift Certificate To Her Favorite Store

Every woman has a favorite place that they love to shop, whether it’s the iTunes store or Hot Topic, for all we know. You need to ask her where she’d love to go shopping, and then spoil her with a gift certificate that will let her get everything she wants in one trip. This takes a lot of the effort out of the equation for you while also making it a much more subtle gift that her husband can’t trace very easily. It’s pretty easy for her to say that her friends got it for her when it isn’t a sparkly diamond ring. Seriously, just ask her, and you’ll be able to please her without batting an eye!

Her Favorite Books

This is a gift that will really get her squealing without attracting a ton of attention from her husband and friends. If she’s a big reader, then finding the right books for her shouldn’t be a difficult task. You probably know her taste by now, but if you don’t just ask! Head off to the store and get her a stack of her favorite books or stuff from her favorite authors, and gift that to her on her birthday for a real treat. She’ll be thrilled, and books don’t exactly scream ‘affair’ to anyone. You really can’t miss with something like this, and if you’re still not sure, go back to the gift certificate to the bookstore idea!

Baked Goods

"Give her a yummy cake"

“Give her a yummy cake”

It’s her birthday. Cake is a given, but you can get more creative than that. Rather than just getting her a cake, go out to a gourmet bakery and get her some gourmet cupcakes, cakepops, or whatever else that you know she’ll like. There are a lot of options out there for her, and you can really spoil her with some amazing selections. If you’re a baker yourself, then you can actually make this stuff for her and she’ll be flattered that her boyfriend went to that effort for her!

Whatever the kind of gift she wants, you can always tailor it to something subtle, discreet and easy to obtain for her birthday. It’s not hard to gift your girlfriend something nice that will really wow her on that special day. Talk to her, ask her what she’s into, and come up with a present that will really make her remember you and think about you well after the fact.


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