Why An Expensive Restaurant Is A Bad Idea

"You will not be able to save your money"

“You will not be able to save your money”

There are a lot of places you can take your new girlfriend on for a first date. When it comes to taking her to a restaurant, however, you need to not pull out all the stops at first. Taking her to a really expensive place is a bad idea on about twenty levels, and there are some pretty obvious reasons why it just won’t set a good precedent for the rest of your relationship. It doesn’t matter if you want to get off to a head start that her husband just isn’t doing for her; don’t take her out to a restaurant that costs a ton of money right off the bat!

It Sets An Unrealistic Precedent

The thing about taking her out to a really expensive restaurant at the start of it all is that she’s going to expect that from here on out. You’re not made of money. Even if you are, an expensive restaurant is too obvious, and is going to attract a lot of attention if you two start hitting them up all the time. It costs a lot of money that you don’t want to throw away on a woman nonstop, and even if you did–again, it’s just too damn obvious! You’re going to have to show some discretion if you want an affair with a married woman to last at all, and going out to pricey restaurants and wine-tasting all the time isn’t going to be the way to make it last.

It’s Way Too Obvious

There are a lot of important people that eat at expensive restaurants. There’s a good chance you might know them! Even if that isn’t the case, there might be your friends that are going there with their girlfriends and wives, and what good is it going to do for you to be taking your new girlfriend out to a romantic restaurant when you don’t want to be found out? There are a lot of classy options that aren’t going to be as expensive or as well-known, and you’ll just have to find them in order to make this relationship really last…or else you’ll be found out in an instant, and end up with a punch to the face from her husband.

She Might Not Like It

"You should cook a delicious meal for her"

“You should cook a delicious meal for her”

There’s a good chance she doesn’t want to get dressed up and fancy just to go out to eat. She might be the kind of girl that really prefers dining in at home and having her man cook her up something home style. Whatever the case may be, she just might not like the idea, so go for something more down-to-earth at first. If you can cook, make a five start restaurant out of your own kitchen. Otherwise, pick a restaurant that is a much more casual setting, and the two of you can enjoy a much more relaxed evening while she doesn’t have to worry about squeezing herself into a little black dress and pumps to make herself look presentable for the ritzy crowd.


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