Why Getting Her A Pet Is A Bad Idea

"They are living beings not gift items"

“They are living beings not gift items”

There are a lot of different presents you can get the hot lady you met on an online dating affair site. One of the worst options you can go for, however, is any kind of pet. It doesn’t matter how much she begs for that fluffy dog, it just isn’t a good idea on about a dozen levels! First of all, it definitely isn’t a discreet gift idea, and second of all, she may or may not realize exactly how much work goes into that pet. Pets aren’t ornaments and they don’t make good surprise gifts, either, so think twice (maybe three times) before you actually give in and buy her a pet as a present.

They Are Living Things

"You should skip this gift idea"

“You should skip this gift idea”

Pets are living, breathing things, and a lot of people seem to forget that. The fact of the matter is that a lot of people try and treat them as furniture, especially if they match it. That really doesn’t need to happen at all, because pets aren’t mean to be ornaments or decorations. If your girl wants a fluffy white dog to parade around and have people ooh and ahh over it, then she definitely doesn’t need it. Dogs are a lot of work, and they require a lot of time that she probably doesn’t have. Seriously, skip the pet for this reason alone!

They Are Definitely Not Discreet

Her husband is going to ask where the dog came from. What is she going to say if it’s a designer poodle? She can’t say that she found it wandering around in the streets or that she went to the shelter to pick it out. Her husband is going to find out pretty quick that this thing was a gift from someone else, and his mind is going to think about the guys she might be sleeping with almost immediately. Pets are the surefire way to blow your cover, especially if she tries to push it off on you lately. Yes, that dog looks like Fluffy. No, it’s definitely not Fluffy, it just looks like him!

She Might Not Want It After You Break Up

The sad thing is that a lot of people will want to throw away animals that are gifts from former lovers, and that’s just not fair. You might not have the place to take it if she decides the two of you are over, and she doesn’t want the dog that you got her anymore, either. If that’s the case, then the animal is just going to end up in the shelter, and that’s not fair for the animal at all. If you don’t get her a pet for any other reason, then at least consider this one!

There are so, so many reasons not to get her a pet as a gift. These are just a few of them, but there are countless other ones out there, so just take our advice and don’t do it. Get her a stuffed animal instead, that’ll work better!


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