Why Getting Your Date Drunk Is A Bad Idea

"Excessive alcohol consumption can have a negative impact on her"

“Excessive alcohol consumption can have a negative impact on her”

It might seem like a good idea to get your newest married hookup a little bit sloshed before the night is over. There are a lot of reasons why this is a dumb idea, though, and you need to consider all of your options before you let her drink herself into oblivion. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little alcohol or a lot; there is a lot wrong with getting her drunk and wanting to take her home afterwards, and not only will you regret it in the morning, but she will, too. Just think twice before you let it happen!

Being Drunk Isn’t Consent

When a lady is drunk, she can’t consent–that’s the thing and the main reason why getting her drunk when the two of you want to hookup is a really, really bad idea. If she’s just drinking a little to take the edge off, that’s one thing. If she’s sloshed out of her mind and toppling over, then there isn’t much you can do other than help her get a cab home. For her to be drunk is the ultimate destructor of an evening, and though a lot of guys seem to think it makes things a lot easier, you’re actually setting yourself up for a rape case. Don’t get her that drunk. Just don’t!

She Can’t Drive Home

The key to a successful affair is to be smart and discreet. If you arrived separately, how in the world is she going to drive home if she’s drunk out of her mind? Driving separately to meeting places is one of the key ways to keep people from finding out about your relationship, and if she has to leave her car at a bar because she needs to take a cab home, then there are going to be a lot of red flags raised for her husband. If she starts to get pretty tipsy, get her to stop and at least eat something. That will slow the process of getting drunk down, and she will be able to get home safely.

She Might Get Sick

"Chances of vomiting and other health issues"

“Chances of vomiting and other health issues”

When you’re really drunk, there’s not much left to do except lie down and possibly puke. If she starts ending up getting that drunk and throwing up on your shoes, that’s not sexy. That’s not an evening out with interesting conversations and maybe a hookup at your house afterwards. The only thing that is going to happen there is you holding her hair back while she’s bent over a toilet, which if you ask us, isn’t the way we want our married affair to end up going!

There are a lot of other reasons to not let her get sloshed out of her mind when the two of you go out. Obviously, if the two of you want to bang, alcohol is out of the question. Keep it to a glass of wine and not much else if the two of you want to have an evening that is actually interesting and eventful aside from vomiting!


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