Why Handmade Gifts Are Better

“She appreciates your efforts”

It often seems as if there are is no shortage of holidays for which gift giving is obnoxiously mandatory. While it can be fun to occasionally splurge on the woman you’re dating, it can also get old very quickly when you don’t know how to shop for her, what she wants, what she needs, and what she hates. If you’re having an affair, you have to be discreet yet sweet. If you’re hooking up, you have to make sure she knows you remembered her, but you won’t be expecting anything in return. The line can be very hard to straddle. Fortunately, giving a handmade gift is a quick and easy way to show your girl that you’re a keeper, and has some great benefits for you.

It Shows You Care

“The best way to make her feel special”

The fact that you took the time to make her something says more than if you’d bought her something you can’t afford. Girls eat crap like that up. Even if it’s something bad, you at least put the time into it, and with the season of giving, it really is the thought that counts. No, seriously. Girls hate being the only ones that put effort and thought into a relationship, and a handmade gift can go a long way towards making her feel special.

She’ll Never Forget This Moment

The handmade gift is basically the opposite of the bath product that so many guys cop out and give to their girls. First of all, by giving her something handmade, you’re avoiding giving her the same thing a bunch of guys have gotten her in the past. The other things is that she’ll always remember where and when she got it, which means she’ll never just discard it or make it a part of her everyday life. She might really want a new blender, but she certainly won’t get a little smile on her face thinking of you every time she uses it. After a week, it’ll just be a blender.

It’s Cheaper

Do we even have to say this one? You could drop thousands of dollars on jewelry that (let’s face it) she probably won’t even wear, or you could make her something for like $3 in materials. Knowing she’ll appreciate it maybe even more than she would the jewelry, it’s pretty stupid to do anything other than making her something, unless there’s a specific item she’s deliberately asked for.

Some Great Handmade Gifts

1. Draw or Paint her a picture. As a note, only draw or paint a picture of HER if you’re actually an excellent artist. If not, stick to animals, her favorite characters from movies, stuff like that.
2. If it’s Christmas, make her an ornament. That’s the kind of thing that lasts, and you can build memories over the years if you stay together.
3. Hand-printed stationary. You can find stamps and stuff cheap at the Hallmark store.
4. Recipe in a bottle. Layer together ingredients of her favorite recipe, whether it’s pasta, soup, or a baked good, in a mason jar with instructions for cooking.


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