Why She Doesn’t Want to Have Sex (Even If She’s Into You)

“She might be suffering from menstrual problems”

We’ve all been there. Things are going great with a girl. It might be your first date, it might be your third, but you’re pretty sure that things are going amazing and you’re going to hook up. She even tells you that she’s into you. Then out of the blue, she tells you that she’s NOT planning on having sex with you tonight. Worse, maybe she lets you walk her home, then turns you away at the front door with no more than a kiss. What gives?

It might be that there’s something she doesn’t want to tell you. There are PLENTY of reasons that girls won’t invite a guy inside the first night, and they’ll usually say nothing about them. Here are some of the most common reasons we’ve found women avoid sex even when they want to have it.

She’s Having a Feminine Problem

Look, girls have a LOT going on down there. They’ve got sweat issues and shaving issues and hygiene issues of all kinds, and that’s on the three weeks of the month when everything’s not an except from Shark Week. Hey, we don’t like hearing about it, but that’s why women don’t talk about it. If the girl you’re going out with is on her period or just having some painful cramps down there, she’s not going to be interested in giving it up. This is one of the biggest reasons that girls don’t put out occasionally, and they’d never want guys to know that this is the reason.

She Has “Rules”

“I’m not mentally prepared for sex”

For whatever reason, a lot of girls create “rules” about dating. They make rules for themselves, like, “I’m not going to sleep with this guy until the third date,” even if she really wants to. Sometimes this is because they blame a past relationship failure on breaking those rules, and they don’t want to screw things up again. Sometimes it’s because they’ve read crappy dating advice somewhere like Cosmo and think it’s the be-all end-all of experience. Either way, it means she’s going to push you away because she thinks it’s better in the long run, not because she’s not feeling your groove.

She’s Testing You

Girls say they don’t do this. Girls are lying. Yes, one of the reasons girls don’t sleep with you on the first (or third) date is because they are testing you. They think that if they don’t sleep with you when they’re “supposed” to, it’ll make the relationship last longer and even make the sex better in the long run. It’s up to you whether this is a deal breaker or not.

The important thing to remember about all these issues is that usually, these are single-date issues. If a girl is consistently acting like this, have a talk with her and ask her what the problem is. But if it’s only one time (especially if it’s your first date, even if you met on a dating website online), let her be and you’ll be the awesome guy who gets laid next time.


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