Why Women Read Romance Novels

“She wants to feel sexy”

Romance novels are one of the most baffling things that exist to most guys, and for good reason. The covers alone tell most guys everything they need to know. They’re ridiculous, and they always look pretty much the same, with some dude with weird hair standing on the cover with a bare-ass chest and huge muscles clutching a woman who acts like she can’t stand up on her own.

So why the hell do women read these brainless things? They can’t think that they’re GOOD-we know too many smart women to think that they’d really be taken in by something like that. We’ve all read about the crap they put out in stuff like “50 Shades of Gray,” and how they have all these creepy weird lines about inner goddesses and puckered love caves. Why do women like this trash?

They Like to Feel Sexy

Quite simply, romance novels make women feel sexy. Any woman who’s not currently experiencing a whirlwind romance likes to think of the feeling of that first moment in a relationship-but like with every kind of entertainment, it has to be MORE somehow. You wouldn’t like porn with real life-sized junk and unshaved models as much as you do the stuff that’s popular, so you already understand this a little bit. And speaking of porn…

They Like Porn with Words

“Words give her more pleasure”

Weird as this might sound, women DO know that porn exists-and they like to read it instead of watching it. It might not make sense to us, but women are way more into the way the words make them FEEL than in what they actually see. These words make them feel like sexy goddesses, and they want to think that they can have that kind of whirlwind romance. For some reason, that gets them off.

They Imagine Themselves in the Main Role

One of the biggest criticisms of “Twilight” (which is just as much girl porn as any bodice-ripper you’ve ever seen, just without the sex) and “50 Shades” and other books like that is that the female main character is a bland, boring idiot. Surprisingly enough, that’s actually on purpose. She’s not supposed to be a good character, she’s supposed to be an “audience surrogate.” Women like to imagine that they are that girl (though hopefully less stupid). The fact that the heroine doesn’t really do anything that would make a woman think, “Well, I wouldn’t do that!” is part of the point.

Not all women read this garbage any more than all men watch German lesbian porn, but there are enough that do to make it kind of interesting. Women like the romanceand the thrill that they can get from these books, even if they don’t necessarily like how it would feel in real life to get kidnapped by pirates or Scottish clansmen or whatever they’re into this week. They just want to think that there’s some romance that they can have too, even if it’s only while the pages are open.


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