Review – What Made Us Rank at #3 For Married Dating is a site that knows exactly what it’s doing. This site is basically the Barbie wife of the married dating scene-it’s well put-together, expensive, and delivers consistently on quality. (Also, if you want to see our guide for dating Married Barbie, check out our guide and advice to a high-class married lady.) This isn’t to say that we don’t like We like it a LOT, although the issues it has are somewhat more evident than those that the sites in our number one and number two spots, and, have to them. This is also one of the more fully-featured sites out there, and as we said, they’ve been in the business for quite a while-the model of WORKS. So, is this site right for you? Will it be your first pick, your back-up, or one that you ignore? Let’s take a closer look at and what makes it so special that it ranked in our Top 3 Married Dating Websites. We will say that the girls we met on are classy as all hell. There weren’t as many of them as we found on and, but we really enjoyed meeting the women we did on this affair site. Even if you’re… Review – What Made Us Rank at #1 For Married Dating is the BEST site we’ve EVER tried for dating married people, bar none. This is the site that all other married dating sites should aspire to be like. We got a better result on here than we ever have ANYWHERE else, and it was good enough that we couldn’t WAIT to come back after our EroticAffairs review. There’s just no end to the good things we can say about after our experience! Seriously, when we go looking for sites where we can have a great affair, we expect them to get some stuff wrong. Mostly we’re hoping that a site will get one or two things right, so we can at least hook up with a woman or two before leaving the site. got a LOT of things right. This site wasn’t just not-broken, it was downright HELPFUL. We actually picked up some tips and tricks during our time here that have served us well on this site AND on some of the other good ones we’ve tried! If you’re still not sure if is right for your style, let’s take a closer look at exactly which features we love, which ones were just okay, and why is our NUMBER ONE pick for helping you…

Affairs Club Review – What Made Us Rank AffairsClub by at #2 For Married Dating

AffairsClub is a site we’re a little hesitant to call our #2 just because that makes it sound like the first loser. True, next to it’s not that easy to compete, but AffairsClub does an AWESOME job. Instead of thinking of it as “second place,” we like to think of AffairsClub (by as an awesome alternate. After all, you don’t want to visit the exact same website every time you want to hook up. You want to use a few different sites to get some variety, get some interest, and make sure you’re seeing all that the Internet has to offer. AffairsClub (by is a fantastic backup site, especially to The girls aren’t QUITE as hot as the ones in our number one site, but they are a little bit easier, to be perfectly honest. So, do you think AffairsClub (by is the right choice for your number two site? Do you need a backup and you think this is the right one for you? We think so, too! Let’s take a look at why. We had a fantastic time meeting married women on AffairsClub. These women were VERY ready for action, and it didn’t take us too long to see exactly why. The guys…


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#1 Married Dating Site: EroticAffairs
#2 Married Dating Site: AffairsClub
#3 Married Dating Site: AshleyMadison


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