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Affairs Club, at #2 in our Top Three list, is an excellent alternative.

AffairsClub is a site we’re a little hesitant to call our #2 just because that makes it sound like the first loser.

True, next to it’s not that easy to compete, but AffairsClub does an AWESOME job. Instead of thinking of it as “second place,” we like to think of AffairsClub (by as an awesome alternate. After all, you don’t want to visit the exact same website every time you want to hook up. You want to use a few different sites to get some variety, get some interest, and make sure you’re seeing all that the Internet has to offer.

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AffairsClub (by is a fantastic backup site, especially to The girls aren’t QUITE as hot as the ones in our number one site, but they are a little bit easier, to be perfectly honest.

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So, do you think AffairsClub (by is the right choice for your number two site? Do you need a backup and you think this is the right one for you? We think so, too! Let’s take a look at why.

We had a fantastic time meeting married women on AffairsClub. These women were VERY ready for action, and it didn’t take us too long to see exactly why.

The guys on this site are terrible.

There are some pretty decent women here. To be honest, we’d mostly rank them as 7s and 8s. That’s not BAD, and in fact we like these girls a lot, even if they’re not 9s or 10s.

(Let’s be honest, you’re not going to find too many 10s on dating sites, even married dating sites. If you do, they probably have syphilis or something.)

Since the guys on AffairsClub (by are so bad, it’s no wonder that the girls here were hard up for some action. Believe us, we don’t mind that at all! We were only too happy to fulfill those, uh, “obligations.”

Yeah, feel really sorry for us.

How We Fared After Using AffairsClub (by For 3 Months: Is AffairsClub (by Worth The Effort?

During our time on AffairsClub, we sent out 450 emails. That’s five guys, sending out an email to a new girl every day, for a period of three full months in different cities.

We always send out the same amount of emails to girls on any site, so we can see for sure that we’ve given everyone a fair shake. We keep track of all the emails we send and receive, so that we know for sure whether a site will get us laid or not.

In response to those 450 emails at AffairsClub, we got back an AMAZING 324 responses!

The only site that gave us more was, which gave us 371 responses. However, the only site that even came CLOSE to matching these two was Every other site we reviewed after AffairsClub turned out to be very disappointing in comparison.

Out of those 324, we set up dates with 26 women, and 22 of them actually showed up. We went home with 16 women, that night or soon after, and were VERY satisfied with the way our evenings ended!

Basically, this site (AffairsClub) fulfilled some of our fantasies, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with it.

50 Responses to “Affairs Club Review – What Made Us Rank AffairsClub by at #2 For Married Dating”

  1. this site is just great. i love affairsclub and am really glad to give it a great review because the woman i met on here is gorgeous and fun and lights up my life again

  2. no comparison…this site does exactly what it says it will and you’ll be thrilled about it. this site just delivers and that’s all i can really ask for. just great.

  3. Moose Tough

    this site is a great site, NOT a scam, but it does have its flaws. just be aware that there’s a lot of competition on her, so good luck

  4. is legit though it isn’t my favorite place to go and find a new lady friend. it’s just kind of eh for me, it’s hard to use in some places, maybe it’ll be better for you

  5. Joe Marriman

    there is so much about this site that is good that i can’t think of one thing in particular it’s just a really fun site to use and i am never disappointed

  6. this is a great affair site. i have never NOT been able to meet someone on affairsclub. it really does the trick and makes everything super easy

  7. this site deserves a great rating. i love this site. i think it is extremely worth the money and the women on here are just gorgeous on top of that

  8. Red Lava Soldier

    for me this one does a good job at being a dating site but it still has some issues. it’s hard to get them to talk to you at times which can be kind of offputting

  9. is OKAY at dating but it isn’t the best out there. i think this one kind of misses the mark in a lot of ways but i will still give it a try in the future

  10. Leigh Swink

    when i see sites like this i get worried that they might not be that amazing but this one REALLY is. it’s just a great site that does everything it’s supposed to do!

  11. in a lot of ways i rarely want to leave a review but affairsclub DESERVES one. it helped me meet one of the best women ever and i will never go anywhere else.

  12. there isnt a single site that comes close in comparison. i love this one because i will ALWAYS get laid on it no matter who i talk to. gorgeous girls and just awesome site.

  13. Hidden Springbok

    when i first joined this site i was concerned it was a scam but it definitely isn’t. it’s just a really active site. beware the competition on here because there is a lot of it

  14. i’m pretty sure that affairsclub is legit but it doesn’t make it the best site out there. just give this one a try and see if it works better for you than it did for me

  15. Basil Shick

    this is a good site and one i will keep coming back to again and again. it’s worth the money because you ACTUALLY get laid on it and that makes it awesom

  16. for an affair site i rarely expect much but takes it out of the park. it’s awesome. you WILL meet women on here and that’s what the point is!

  17. there isn’t any rating i could give this site other than an A+. i love this site. the women are just hotter here and a lot easier to talk to and meet with!

  18. Captain Johnny Silverbeard

    for a dating site i think that it does an ok job but not the absolute best. it has a few issues but otherwise i like it and will keep giving it a try in the future

  19. i have done a lot of online dating and i think that affairsclub is just ok. the women on it are hot enough but it’s hard to get them to reply to my messages

  20. Levi Flickinger

    when i see sites like this, i’m sometimes a little concerned. this one however hit it out of the park for me and i have been really happy using it. awesome site.

  21. Marchelle

    this site is GREAT. i couldn’t wait to give affairs club a review because it really deserves it. awesome women on here and i’m so happy to be able to meet them

  22. in comparison to every other site i have nEVER been able to meet as many ladies as i have on here. this is a great site, definitely one of my favorites!

  23. Strong Queen

    this site isn’t a scam. it’s also pretty good if you can look past how difficult it is to really get started on here. it isn’t my favorite site but it’s still pretty good

  24. i know this site is legit but that doesn’t mean that affairs club is the end all be all. it’s really popular with some people for some reason but it just doesnt do it for me

  25. Branden Roberts

    this is a good site! i’ve always enjoyed the women that i’ve met on here and they always keep me coming back. i wouldn’t turn this one down for anyone

  26. when it comes to finding a good affair site it can be kind of hit and miss. affairs club really does the trick though and i’ve never found another site better

  27. this site deserves my HIGHEST rating, 10 out of 10! i love it and will never look anywhere else to find an affair again. this site has the hottest women!

  28. Dolly Rare

    for me this is my go-to dating site. that being said it isn’t without its flaws. it can be a little eh at times but i rarely have any issues with it at all

  29. affairs club isn’t my choice for dating. i think that overall it’s okay, but for others it can just fall flat and that’s not good. i may or may not try it again

  30. Drew Emrick

    sites like this are either good or bad and fortunately this one is REALLY good. nothing bad to say about this one; i love this site and will stick around to enjoy it even more

  31. i am SO glad to be able to give this site a great review. it really deserves it and knocks it out of the park. you can’t imagine how much fun this site is, i love affairs club

  32. few sites come close in comparison. i will always prefer this one though because of how easy it is to use and how many girls i have met on here. just awesome.

  33. some people worry about this site being a scam but it isn’t at all. it does a great job for me and i will not use another site. i just wish it worked faster!

  34. legit but not that great. affairs club doesn’t do the BEST job at helping me find women but it’s still ok. i may or may not use it again in the future

  35. Waylon James

    i think this site is REALLY good. i haven’t ever had any issues with it and will keep using it in the future. it just rocks my world and helps me find great ladies!

  36. affairs club is a GREAT affair site. there are few others that are as good as this, but this one is still a lot more reliable and honestly more fun to use!

  37. A+++ rating. i can’t believe that this site hasn’t been something i tried before! as soon as i signed up i started talking to ladies and wow are they gorgeous!

  38. Froglet Beauty

    i think for a dating site, this website is just okay. it does a DECENT job but it isn’t the best out there. the best part is that the women generally do chat a lot!

  39. there’s just a lot of competition for dating on this site and that puts me off. affairs club is a decent site but it doesn’t give me the kind of results i want.

  40. Oscar Laborde

    when i see sites like this i know that they are hit and miss but this one really is a hit! i will not go anywhere else after having used this site and met so many ladies.

  41. this site is one of the best out there and really deserves a great review. that’s why i wanted to leave this note about affairs club. it’s just awesome!

  42. the women you will meet on here have no comparison. i love all of them and have had an awesome time with each of them. really great site.

  43. Loose Mustang

    a lot of people seem to think this site is a scam but it isn’t at all. it’s a great site that does exactly what it says it will…it just takes some time sometimes and that’s no fun

  44. i think this is a legit site, but that doesn’t mean that i’m terribly thrilled with it. is just kind of eh for me, and the women are sort of whatever

  45. Hiram Gibson

    i really adore this site. i can’t think of another site that does it better than this one… it’s just that good. the women are smoking hot and a lot of fun.

  46. for an affair site, i didn’t expect much. but affairsclub really changed my mind and made me realize how awesome it is. great site, well worth the money!

  47. the only rating i can give is an A+. it just does a great job at exactly what it says it is going to. i could not be more thrilled about having spent my money here

  48. Streaming Crazy Student

    i think that this is a good dating site but it does have its flaws. it needs a good upgrade and a lot of profile cleaning. other than that it’s great

  49. you can find a lot of other sites that are better for dating that affairs club. still, it’s not bad, it’s just kind of middle of the road. i may or may not be back.

  50. Toney Campbell

    i think sites like this have the potential to be great but rarely reach it. this one does! i have a great time using this site all the time because the women are so fun


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