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Skip this site. Fake profiles abound, including reused pics that claim to be two different girls in different states.

The problem with isn’t the absolutely horrifyingly bad name (although it does inspire certain thoughts that will haunt our nightmares for weeks, thanks).

The problem with isn’t the interface, although it’s incredibly bad and difficult to use.

The problem with is the fact that there aren’t any women who want to get down.

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This is a site full of women who are just fake profiles. In fact, they’re so obviously not real, we’re going to call them “women” for the sake of the rest of this AttachedPeople review.

These “women” are such obvious fakes it looks like they were implanted in Mexico. These “women” are so far from real, they’re sponsored by Botox. These “women”….yeah, you get the picture.

Basically, is just a giant waste of your time and money. And for being such a fake site, sure does cost a hell of a lot of money!

So, are you convinced? Or do we need to tell you more about why you should NEVER waste a second on Let’s take a closer look at this terrible website and what makes it so bad.

attached people alt image

The “women” on are just fake. NONE of them are actually going to get down with you, because none of them are actually women. These “women” are the same ones that appear in every single city across America, and probably internationally, too.

How do we know?

Well, we’re a group of five guys! We do talk with each other occasionally, and it’s not that hard to take a screencap of your matches and notice that it matches up perfectly with the one your buddy took a thousand miles away.

Besides, some of us travel for business. It’s pretty easy to realize that is a scam when you see the same girl in New York that you saw in Sacramento.

If you can get past the whole “there are no real women on” thing, there’s STILL no reason to use the website. For a site that’s pretty expensive as far as sites go (about $10 more per month than our favorite website,, this one sure doesn’t have a whole lot of features available to the members.

It’s bare bones in here.

The only features has, it’s absurdly proud of. We found it kind of sad that they were advertising their ability to send messages to other users.

Uh, that’s kind of the bare minimum. Without the ability to message other users, this site would literally be nonfunctional. That’s the ENTIRE point of any dating site.

If you’re looking for other features, look on a different website. You won’t find any features here worth talking about. If you did, they’d probably be as empty and fake as the women that are theoretically members of Test Results: What We Learned After Trying For Married Dating

During our time on, we sent out messages to 450 women. That’s one email every day, from five guys across America, for a period of three months.

We EXPECT about a 10 to 20 percent rate of response, even from a bad website. That’s kind of the bare minimum, and it accounts for all the people who must have wandered in by mistake before they realized what a terrible site they were signing up for.

That definitely wasn’t the case with Out of 450 emails, we only got back 28!

Needless to say (we hope), we didn’t get laid. We didn’t even get the chance to set up a single date during our AttachedPeople review. The women who DID email us back were obviously spambots-whoops, we mean the “women” who emailed us back.

Is A Scam, Or Just Not Worth It?

Coming up with things to say about is about as hard as finding dates on There just isn’t much to DO on this crappy website, because it’s pretty much empty.

The thing that’s really sad is that the website doesn’t even look all that nice to us, after all the money we paid.

Seriously, You’re going to take over $40 from thousands of guys every month, and you’re not even going to hire a proper web designer? We know about a hundred graphic design students who could do a better job on this website, and they’d do it for less than the cost of a single month’s membership if you bought them a burger or something.

As a pro tip, any time you go to a website for dating married people and you find that it’s just a white background with a bunch of soulless thumbnails, run immediately away.

We actually hate the idea of white backgrounds and little thumbnails a lot for any site because it looks trashy, but we hate it a LOT more for a married dating site, because it sends a bad message.

Are our profiles going to be on the front page?

A site that specializes in “Attached People” (oh god, that’s really the worst thing ever) should be a lot more discreet. We really doubt that ANYONE who signs up for this site is going to want their picture splashed across a page that people can reach without even being members.

Of course, there are no real members of, so it’s just stock photo models being outed.

Should You Use For Married Dating? Review Conclusion

There is NO good reason to try out This site is absolutely terrible, will not help you meet women, and will take your money. It’s not concerned with your safety, and it is pretty much empty of any real women for you to date.

Instead, try EroticAffairs, our number one website for married dating!

50 Responses to “Review of Why We Didn’t Rank As One Of Our Top Married Dating Sites”

  1. not much to say about this one other than why?? attached people is an awful name for one and i can’t meet a single woman, that’s why it needs a bad review

  2. there’s no comparison to how bad this site is LOL it’s just awful. i can’t imagine it ever being good so i’ll stay away from here

  3. this site is a definite scam. it really misses all the marks for me and i won’t be back to try it again, a waste of money

  4. nothing about this site really screams legit to me but i will keep trying to make attached people actually work for me!

  5. Lionel Knisely

    i can’t imagine anything good ever coming out of this site. it just doesn’t work. it’s pretty lame and has a dumb name too

  6. good luck meeting any married women on this affair site. attached people doesn’t have ANY people on it, it’s completely empty

  7. there’s nothing but fake profiles all over this site and that’s just a giant pain to deal with. i can’t believe anyone would give this site a good rating

  8. Rainbow Spacy Angel

    this is a pretty bad excuse for a dating site. i’m not so sure that i will spend more money on here, it doesn’t do very much for me

  9. for dating i think this site falls flat. it’s more about sex which whatever, i guess i can try and make attached people work for me like that

  10. Stewart Bauerle

    when i see sites like this i just end up feeling tired. there’s nothing good about it, it’s just a pain in the butt for me

  11. this site DESERVES a bad review. nothing about attached people is any good and i will never use this site again after this


  13. Mink Circus

    spent a lot of money only to find out this site is a scam. what a waste. i’m not impressed by this site at all and it’s just a disappointment

  14. i’m not sure this site is legit or not but i’m still not fond of attached people as of yet. it falls flat for me which is pretty disappointing

  15. Vincenzo Crawford

    nothing about this site is good. pass on it and spend your money on a site without a ton of fake profiles everywhere

  16. this is a BAD affair site. you won’t get laid on attached people because it’s basically impossible to even meet anyone on here

  17. can’t imagine giving this site a good rating ever. it doesn’t work for me at all and i’m pretty annoyed by it most of the time

  18. Forsaken Endless Chick

    this is a really bad dating site. the only good thing about it are the hot pics on a lot of fake profiles LMFAO that’s literally it

  19. doesn’t seem like it’s the best for dating. it just is kind of eh for me and i can’t meet a lot of people on it

  20. Cornelius Tomey

    when i see sites like this, i am usually put off. it’s pretty easy to tell how many fakes are around on here and that’s diappointing

  21. nothing about this site deserves a good review. i want to just throw attached people off of a cliff and laugh at the name some more

  22. Mitchell

    is there anything that is as bad as this in comparison? i can’t think of anything that’s for sure. it’s really just a hot mess

  23. Avast Edward Silverbeard

    pass on this scam. it’s not good, the profiles are fake, and the women aren’t even that hot. you won’t get laid on here!

  24. while i think this site is probably not legit i am still trying to make it work because is pretty entertaining

  25. Kelley Keilbach

    nothing good to say here. i don’t like this site, i think the women are ugly, and it’s very over priced. spend your money elsewhere.

  26. for an affair site it sure doesn’t help me have very many affairs. it just doesn’t do much of anything, attached people is a waste

  27. this site gets my lowest rating, 0 out of 10. there’s nothing redeemable about this one, it’s just a waste of my time

  28. Thirsty Spider

    for a dating site i expected to go on more dates LOL it’s impossible to even talk to women on here so i will be taking my cash elsewhere

  29. fake profiles but i think there are some women worth dating on attached people. it just takes some weeding through so far.

  30. Sidney Diegel

    when i see sites like this i just get frustrated. nothing on here makes me want to spend more money or stick around. pass on this one for sure.

  31. had to leave a review because attached people is honestly just mind numbingly bad. the women on here aren’t even real.

  32. there’s no comparison to how bad this is! i can’t spend anymore money knowing that it’s just a giant scam meant to drain you dry

  33. Birdie Loose

    it’s definitely a scam. just spend your money on another site where your money will actually go to getting you laid

  34. NOTHING really legit about this site BUT i have actually talked to real women on attached people so i am holding out some hope!

  35. Cyril Leichter

    i can’t think of anything good about a site that has a ton of private investigators on it. pass on this site and spend your cash somewhere else

  36. if you want a good affair site this isn’t it. spend your money with other people and not with, it’s just really bad

  37. the only rating i can give this site is an F. it’s really awful, so many PIs, fake profiles, nothing good to find on here

  38. for a dating site i can’t really get a date. it’s because it’s fake really and that’s why it isn’t worth a single dime in the long run

  39. attachedpeople is not a good dating site but i think it will be better if it’s just about sex. i’ll give it a try in that regard

  40. Cesar Basinger

    sites like this are mind numbingly awful. pass on it and spend your money on a site where you will actually get laid

  41. the only review i can give this site is NOPE NOPE NOPE. spend your money from attached people on a site with REAL people

  42. in comparison i think every other site has gotten me laid at least once. i can’t even talk to any of the women on here!

  43. good luck having an affair on this scam. it just won’t work. none of them are real and the women aren’t even that hot

  44. while i am not sure that attached people is legit, i am still giving it a shot to see if i can hook up with anyone becuase some of the girls are hot

  45. Stevie Iseman

    it’s not a good site, plain and simple. take your money and waste it on another site with actually hot pics to look at

  46. for an affair site i haven’t had much of an affair. it just doesn’t do what it says it will. attached people is a giant flop.

  47. the only rating i can give this one is 0 out of 10. not worth anything to me if i can’t at least meet a few women to have an affair with

  48. Craw Furious

    a pretty bad example of a dating site, i was not impressed, the women aren’t even cute on here and i can’t talk to any of them

  49. i have had lots better dating experiences but attached people seems like it could get better so i will keep trying it

  50. Damion Jenner

    NOTHING good about sites like this, i will NOT be back, full of FAKES and a total scam that just takes your money and runs with it


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