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Misses the mark with its very strange fixation on being the "flirtiest" chat room online. What does that even mean?

This is one review we were actually pretty excited to put together.

Not because is any good-no, this is a terrible website and you should never go there if you value your sanity OR if you want to actually meet women.

We were excited to write this because finally, someone will know what we’re talking about when we say just how BAD this site is. Also, we’re pretty excited to rip it to pieces and ruin it like it tried to do to our wallets and our sanity during our BeNaughty review.

married dating scam alert image

Why are we so up in arms against this stupid site? Is there a reason we hate it so much? Let’s look deeper at and why we think it’s one of the worst sites that’s ever been created.

At first glance, looks like a normal, even a GOOD married dating website.

It doesn’t have a white background with thumbnails of women, and it doesn’t try to make you think it’s matching you based on an obviously fake sorting algorithm. We were pretty excited…until we scrolled down.

be naughty front page

“Don’t miss fun and flirty steamy chat tonight!”

Uh, what?

“Enjoy naughty chat right away with no serious intent for steamy fun!”, what are you trying to say?

“This is the largest flirty chat room online!”

What does that even MEAN? Are there other websites trying to compete for the title of flirtiest chat room? That’s a Webbie we can’t imagine anyone really trying to win.

Okay, the copy on the front page is bad. We scrolled down even farther, but the website cuts off before the terms & conditions, before any links, and before any copyright claims.

The site just looks kind of UNFINISHED, which was a big warning sign to us, and a disappointment. From the front page, we’d been kind of excited.

We bought a membership (which was apparently free for women but cost money for men, which we hate), and realized how wrong we were to think that the person writing the copy on the front page had done their worst work on the first page.

The words “flirty” and “steamy” and “naughty” are EVERYWHERE.

There’s no text on the whole website that doesn’t include at least one of those three words. This site is obsessed with them, and obviously only has one writer. That writer has obviously never seen a woman.

The horror doesn’t stop at all the canned messages that invite you to “steamy chat.” The site itself has the worst design we’ve ever SEEN. Some parts are all orange and white and modular, and others are black and pink, like some bizarre prom from the 1980s.

This site would turn any woman off before she got farther than setting up her profile page, and she’d be right. Test Results: What We Learned After Trying For Married Dating

During our time on, we bit the bullet and attempted to contact 450 women. We thought we’d give the site a fair shake, even though it’s literally one of the worst sites we’ve ever seen. That’s five guys, sending out one email every day for three months.

We only got back 22 responses!

Get this: every single response was obviously written by the BeNaughty team as a scam to try and get you to think there were actual women reading your emails on this site. There are not.

Each message went something like this:

“I’m a playful naughty girl looking to have steamy phone fun. R u a steamy guy? Come flirty chat with me…”

“if ur a naughty guy maybe we can have playful naughty chat. Hit me up sometime im a flirty girl.”

We’re not sure who wrote these messages, but we are sure that they need to be stopped, immediately.

If we HAD gotten someone to go out with us because of messages like that, we’d never have forgiven ourselves. We can tolerate a lot for sex (believe us, there are some we will NOT kiss and tell about), but banging someone who describes herself as “steamy” is probably not part of that.

Fortunately or not, is a scam. You don’t have to worry about whether the girls will be hot, because they don’t exist. We didn’t get a single date on this site.

Is A Scam, Or Just Not Worth It?

It’s kind of hard for us to make fun of this site, because this site makes fun of itself WAY too easily.

We’re pretty sure that is a joke, but we’re not sure who’s telling it, or who they’re laughing at. We get the feeling they’re laughing at us, but that would imply that they KNOW what they’ve done with this site, and are doing it anyway.

It doesn’t really seem like anyone on is that self-aware, but we could be wrong.

Should You Use For Married Dating? Review Conclusion

There is NO reason to check out The only reason we could think of is if you want to see the horror that is this website, but we’ve summarized it for you here, so there’s no reason for that.

Yes, it’s a ridiculous site. But there’s no reason to give it your money when you’re not going to get ANYTHING out of it.

Instead, try, our FAVORITE site for hooking up with married people!

50 Responses to “Review of Why We Didn’t Rank As One Of Our Top Married Dating Sites”

  1. this site is the worst. i can’t believe that no one has given more bad reviews, it deserves every single last one of them

  2. just a bad site. there isn’t any comparison, it really is awful. you are spending your money on absolutely NOTHING

  3. Brave Maximum Squirrel

    definitely a scam in all regards. you won’t get laid on here because the women are all fake profiles. at least they’re hot but geez

  4. this site is not legit. that being said i do think the women are gorgeous and i have met a few real ones on be naughty so i will keep trying

  5. Damien Casteel

    i think this site is no good. not only will you not get laid but you will be lucky if you don’t get caught. private investigators are all over this site

  6. is the worst affair site that i ever have used. you wont’ get laid and you are literally throwing money away at nothing

  7. the only rating i can think to give this site is a big fat NOPE. it just doesn’t work. nothing about this site really does any good and i am really unimpressed by it

  8. Rich Fierce Cosmic

    don’t spend money on a dating site that you won’t get a date on. it’s just not good. really bad and full of fakes everywhere

  9. i’m not sure that be naughty really works for dating. i have met a few women on here but it just seems so sexually charged

  10. Andy Jackson

    hate sites like this. they are preying on the innocent and just stealing your money. don’t give them a single dime

  11. you won’t get laid on and that’s why i had to leave a review. it’s a giant rip off in about ten different ways

  12. if you are looking for a comparison just think of a load of crap. then you will be able to understand this site pretty well as far as i know!

  13. Mouse Strong

    this is a bad scam. it’s pretty obvious so you won’t get thrown off too badly but just expect it all to be crappy and you’re fine

  14. i’m not sure if is legit or not. i was hoping it would be but it seems a little sketchy to me so far, oh well

  15. Cristopher Greenawalt

    NOTHING about this is a good site. you won’t get much out of this site other than money taken from your wallet

  16. one of the worst examples of an affair site that i have seen in awhile. it’s just not good. be naughty takes your money and gives you nothing

  17. the only rating this site deserves is a 0 out of 10. it doesn’t do anything at all and it just takes your money

  18. Homeless Electron

    definitely a scam of a dating site and it’s an obvious one so keep that in mind and run away quickly. it’s basically a hot mess.

  19. for dating i’m not sure that be naughty is the end all be all. that being said it seems fun so i’m still trying it out

  20. Porfirio Boyd

    i’m not sure that sites like this should be allowed to last this long LMFAO it’s just a giant scam and you won’t get a single date!

  21. it’s really deserving of a bad review, that’s all. be naughty does an awful job of actually doing what it says it will

  22. Jeremiah

    few sites are as bad as this in comparison. i’ve never seen a site that scams so many people so just run away from it

  23. Silver Rocky Rat

    when it comes to a scam site this one is the pinnacle. it’s really bad. nothing but fakes out there and it’s really a waste of time for everyone

  24. i can’t be sure if this site is legit or not which is worrisome. that being said be naughty seems like it’s fun but who knows

  25. Boyce Jenkins

    NOT good. you won’t get laid on here. the profiles are fake and you’ll be lucky actually if you dont get caught by using it

  26. this affair site is really scary because it isn’t discreet. there isn’t anything about be naughty that is impressive at all

  27. i think this site deserves a 0 out of 10 rating. it’s BAD. this site doesn’t do anything for me or anyone else as far as i can see

  28. this is a bad dating site…it won’t get you laid and these women aren’t hot at all. pass on this one and spend your money elsewhere

  29. for dating i think that be naughty is just ok. i’m not sure about it working for anyone else but it’s been very slow for me

  30. Larry Ratcliff

    never really thrilled by sites like this but i was hoping it would actually do a better job later on. it didn’t. waste of time.

  31. the only review this site deserves is a big fat awful one. be naughty is gross and really full of unattractive women

  32. pass on this site. there is no comparison to how bad it is, the women on here are ugly and not worth any amount of money

  33. Lefty Rabbit

    this site is a huge scam. not worth any of your money and it’s definitely just asking for you to get scammed. spend your money elsewhere

  34. is really not the best site out there but i am hoping that it’s legit. the women on here are hot but not sure if they’re worth it

  35. Moses Widaman

    nothing really good about it. i can’t imagine anything about this site ever getting you laid so i won’t spend more money

  36. be naughty just is NOT the best affair site out there. pass on this one and spend your money on a site that actually works

  37. this site is not good and deserves a really bad rating. i can’t believe people actually use this site, it will scam you out of all your cash

  38. Walker Fargloom

    this dating site is a REALLY big mess. you won’t get laid on a site full of fakes and that’s all this site is about

  39. isn’t the best dating site out there, i was hoping for a lot more but it just moves very slowly overall

  40. Giuseppe Alliman

    sites like this are a HOT mess. i don’t think i will ever be back to use this site again after seeing how bad it is

  41. is one of the worst sites i have ever had a chance to review. it’s just bad, pass on this site if you want to save money

  42. few sites come as bad as this one. there’s no real comparison about how gross it is. don’t spend your money on here

  43. Fox Maximum

    definitely a scam. you won’t get laid on here, the women aren’t even real, it’s just a waste of money overall

  44. i’m not sure if this site is legit or not?? i wish that be naughty was but it doesn’t do a great job for me, i might have better luck overall

  45. Cordell Tennant

    NOTHING good. it’s bad. it’s just a really bad site and you won’t get laid on it…the women on here aren’t even real at all

  46. is one crappy affair site. it’s really not good. the women are all fake and they are also possibly private investigators

  47. this site deserves a crappy rating. it’s really bad and i am not impressed by the women i have met on here, not good

  48. this dating site really doesn’t deliver. i can’t imagine any of the women on here ever actually talking to me because they’re so fake

  49. is not my favorite dating website but i think it has potential. it’s just sort of miss for me so far, we’ll see

  50. when i look at sites like this it just doesn’t do a very good job at anything. it’s full of fakes and it just takes its time taking all of your money


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