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This site comes in at #3 in the Top Three list - a close third, too. is a site that knows exactly what it’s doing.

This site is basically the Barbie wife of the married dating scene-it’s well put-together, expensive, and delivers consistently on quality.

(Also, if you want to see our guide for dating Married Barbie, check out our guide and advice to a high-class married lady.)

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This isn’t to say that we don’t like We like it a LOT, although the issues it has are somewhat more evident than those that the sites in our number one and number two spots, and, have to them.

This is also one of the more fully-featured sites out there, and as we said, they’ve been in the business for quite a while-the model of WORKS.

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So, is this site right for you? Will it be your first pick, your back-up, or one that you ignore? Let’s take a closer look at and what makes it so special that it ranked in our Top 3 Married Dating Websites.

We will say that the girls we met on are classy as all hell. There weren’t as many of them as we found on and, but we really enjoyed meeting the women we did on this affair site.

Even if you’re not familiar with cheater dating sites, you may recognize the name of The website has even become synonymous with having affairs over the last several years, due to a series of provocative commercials that first introduced many people to the idea of using a website specifically to hook up during marriage.

We will warn you that the girls on are a bit pickier than the ones we found on the other sites we ranked higher than this one, for a variety of reasons.

Don’t worry-we can still teach you how to get ahead using for married dating!

How We Fared After Using For 3 Months: Is Worth The Effort?

During our time on, we sent out 450 emails-that’s five guys, sending out an email to a different girl every day, for a period of three full months. That was enough, we feel, to give us a good indication of whether is worth the money or not.

We did pretty well!

In response, we got back 302 emails from the women we’d contacted. We also got a couple unsolicited contacts, which was interesting and turned out to be a lot of fun. The women on definitely know what it is they’re looking for!

302 emails is an average of a 67 percent success rate. In other words, about two out of every three girls we emailed got back to us. That’s awesome, and way better than you’d find on pretty much any other married dating site…but it ISN’T as good as (success rate of 72 percent) or (success rate of 82 percent).

But hey, it’s a lot better than the 10-20 percent success rate you get on most dating sites!

Of those 302 email responses, we set up dates with 21 women. Some of these ladies were SMOKING hot, and we ended up going home with 13 of the 17 who showed!

All in all, we had a total blast on We’d use it again, regardless of the price.

Our Top 3 Messages We Used On that Got Us The Best Responses

Here are some first messages that worked really well and got us contacted on

Email 1: “Hi, Victoria. With a name that elegant, I’m not surprised to see that your tastes are similarly refined. Tell me, when is the last time someone took you out to a proper art show? If it wasn’t within the last month, you’re being neglected. Allow me to remedy that?”

Result: A classy date, then a freak in the sheets!

Email 2: “Hi, Chanel. I wasn’t expecting a girl as proper-looking as you to have such a wicked profile! Maybe that dichotomy of naughty and nice is what drew me to your profile in the first place. Have you decided which of Santa’s lists you want to be on this year? I could put in a good word, I do a lot of business up north.”

Result: It’s a dumb email, but she thought it was cute. This is actually one of our most popular email formats!

Email 3: “Hi, Rebecca. Wow. I bet you get sick of hearing guys falling all over themselves about your look, your charming way of writing, and your amazing taste in music-but if you’re not quite sick of it yet, I wouldn’t mind being one more guy telling you that you make this site brighter by being a member. I saw your profile, and while your taste in music seems pretty cool, I’m way more interested in your taste in, uh, “toys.” I’d love to see some of them in action, if that’s not too much to ask?”

Result: Some seriously raunchy pictures exchanged, then an EXPLOSIVE date about a week later!

What Did We Think Made Awesome? Here Are The Features We Loved

First of all, we LOVE the fact that this is a site where you can decide exactly what you’re looking for, then go after it. For example, every user MUST submit their height and weight when they join-no unpleasant surprises! If they meet someone and that person thinks they’re a liar, they can be reported and even banned from the site!

We’re also HUGE fans of the fact that you can search by exactly what type of relationship women are looking for. On some crappy sites, you’ll see a hot lady’s profile and be all excited to jump in…and then you’ll get an email that she’s “really just looking for something online.”

Why the hell would we pay money for something that’s just online? We can flirt with our exes on Facebook for free.

Blow Your Competition Out Of The Water On Our Most Secret Successful Married Dating Strategies

A lot of guys on get WAY into the whole “classy affair” thing…and they spend WAY too much time on their profiles. Look, we’re all about making a great profile-check out our guide to making a fantastic dating site profile-but we’re also about keeping it short and simple. These guys write long essays about their lives, their dreams, and their sadness about their affairs on these things, and that drives most girls NUTS on affair dating sites.

Keep your profile short and simple, and you’ll always have an edge!

The Things Could Do Better

Remember how we said that the women on this site are picky? Well, it’s true. They won’t give you the time of day unless you’re married, for one thing…or at least you say you are. For whatever reason, we learned in our AshleyMadison review that the crowd on this site is all about married guys hooking up with married girls, and there’s not a lot of wiggle room. If you want to hook up with the women here and you’re single, you’d better put a fake gold band around your finger, stat.

The other thing about that makes us a little leery is the price. You may have heard that this is one of the more expensive married dating sites, and it’s true.

However, what DOES have is a guarantee-as in, an actual in-writing guarantee that you’ll hook up in person for at least one affair during your membership. If you don’t make it, you can actually get your money back from them. They’re so confident that you’ll meet someone, their guarantee is pretty solid.

Of course, we didn’t have to use it, but it’s nice to know that the option is there just in case.

In The End: Was Good For Married Dating? Read Our Full Review Of!

We like a LOT for married dating. However, we did find that hooking up with women here was a lot more work than it was on and Not only that, it was more expensive, and it didn’t actually hook us up with quite as many women. It’s still a great site, but be careful about making it your ONLY choice for married dating.

50 Responses to “ Review – What Made Us Rank at #3 For Married Dating”

  1. there are few sites that come CLOSE to ashley madison. that’s why i had to leave a review. this site is just impressive at how well it can help you meet women

  2. no comparison…i love this site…i think the women on it are smoking hot and honestly i have never had as much success meeting women as i have here

  3. Rusty Musk-ox

    a lot of people are afraid that this is a scam but i know better. it isn’t a scam; it can just be slow to get started because there ARE lots of women on here

  4. is legit and it’s just okay for me. i think it would work a lot better without a ton of competition but honestly it could be worse

  5. Domenic Roberts

    this site is really good. i’ve never had any issues on it and i think that so many others would have a good time on here as well. give it a shot!

  6. there isn’t anything on this affair site that is done wrong as far as i am concerned. ashley madison knocks it out of the park in both quality and quantity!

  7. really deserving of a great rating. i can’t believe this site isn’t talked about more. i adore it and the women i have met on it. i will be back to meet even more.

  8. this is a good dating site because it’s very discreet and very easy to use. my only complaint is that there ARE a lot of people on it so it can take some weeding.

  9. not my pick for dating. i think ashley madison is ok but just not that great. it doesn’t deserve the hype it gets. still, it’s a decent enough site for most.

  10. Neville Robinson

    using sites like this reminds me of how difficult it used to be to have an affair. this one makes it SO easy. i will not use any others from now on.

  11. one of my favorite sites and really deserving of a positive review. i can’t praise ashley madison enough. this site has always gotten me what i wanted!


  13. Streaming Crazy Student

    this site is a scam to a lot of people but a treasure box to many others. i personally don’t know why they think it’s a scam. it’s slow to start but it’s great other than that!

  14. this site is legit but that doesn’t mean much to me. i think ashley madison is just a typical old site and nothing new is going on here. pass for me.

  15. Alex Diller

    it’s a really good site. nothing fancy and that’s fine; it gets the job done. i have met a lot of women on here and all of them have been great.

  16. for an affair site to actually be this good is shocking. i love ashley madison and will keep using it again and again in the future. really great.

  17. everything about this site deserves an A+ rating. i can’t believe i didn’t try it out before. it just rocks and i will always use this site to meet women on from now on.

  18. Meaty Dusty Doll

    for a dating site i expected a little bit more but honestly it’s still great. i can’t think of much that i would change and i think this site does a great job

  19. not my pick for dating but i think that ashley madison still does an ok job. it just didn’t work for me because it’s hard for me to keep maintaining my profile

  20. Sheldon Tomco

    when i use sites like this i always to keep an open mind and it paid off on here. i can’t believe this site does so well for me; it’s full of some crazy ladies!

  21. few things about this site come close to any others. it’s just that great. i have been so used to crappy sites that i couldn’t wait to give ashley madison a great review.

  22. in comparison to EVERY other site i have ever tried i have never been able to meet as many women i have on here. i will always be back to this site!

  23. Walker Fargloom

    not a scam by a longshot, so wipe that sweat off your brow! otherwise it does a good job at some things and other things cna be a little slow but overall it’s great

  24. for me i don’t care if it’s legit or not so long as i get laid LOL but unfortunately i think ashley madison is legit but otherwise boring!

  25. Emery Cypret

    this is one of the better sites out there. there isn’t a part of it that isn’t good. the women on it are gorgeous and the site is easy to use, what more can you ask for

  26. ashley madison is a great example of an affair site. you really can’t beat this one as far as actually getting the job done. i will never not use this site from now on

  27. the only thing i can think about this site is to give it a great rating… and so i will. 10 out of 10 and then some; it really helps me meet the women i want to meet!

  28. Wooden Fisty Rat

    this particularly dating site is kind of more about sex as far as i’ve seen and that’s fine. i just wish i knew that when i signed up initially lol

  29. i have yet to find another dating site that is so… mediocre. ashley madison is fun in some parts but other times i am just kind of left shrugging. oh well.

  30. Arnold Stroble

    i love sites like this. i think this one is really great; it helps you meet a lot of women at a good pace and you really do get your money’s worth out of it!

  31. one of my favorite sites to use so far without a doubt. i love ashley madison and am really happy to give it a great review. there are just gorgeous women everywhere!

  32. when you are looking for a discreet experience, there is no comparison. this site is great for that and the women you meet are amazing as well.

  33. Black Turtle

    this site is NOT a scam. it’s a really good site overall, though it can be slow to start talking to women because there is a LOT of competition.

  34. this site is legit though i don’t think that makes it amazing. overall ashley madison is the same old, same old for me, which is kind of eh.

  35. Luigi Durstine

    this is a good site and deserving of all the attention it gets. don’t pass this one over. the women on it are gorgeous and it’s very easy to get in the groove of using.

  36. for an affair site, it’s very classy. you can’t beat ashley madison when it comes to having a good time without anyone figuring out what it is you’re doing.

  37. the only rating i can give this site is a 10 out of 10. it really deserves that knock out of the park and i think that the women on here are just prettier.

  38. one of the better dating sites out there but i still don’t think it’s without flaws. just bear in mind that it can take awhile to get started on any site!

  39. the only dating site i have used in awhile and for that i guess that’s why i am not impressed. ashley madison has some good features but it just hasn’t worked.

  40. Thaddeus Shick

    always happy to give reviews to sites like this. i can’t believe i didn’t use this one before; it’s really great, really awesome, and the women are beautiful

  41. nothing else is like this site…that’s why i had to leave a review. i was so impressed with ashley madison that i immediately renewed my membership

  42. i can’t think of another site that even comes close in comparison. there is no other website that has helped me meet as many women as this one!

  43. Dreaded Honey


  44. as far as legit goes, ashley madison definitely is. as far as effective however that’s when you run into a problem. i think it has some good parts but otherwise it’s just ok

  45. Alton Roose

    the women here are drop dead gorgeous. the fact that you can actually talk to them though is the good part! this site really delivers and that’s what makes it great

  46. i don’t expect much from an affair site. that being said ashley madison is making me change my standards. it’s really awesome and helps me meet all the girls!

  47. A++ rating. i will never use another site again after using this one for as much as i have. it just always does exactly what i want it to do and then some

  48. Reindeer Running

    when i look for a dating site i don’t expect much…this one however is really good. my only complaint is how long it took to really meet the woman!

  49. i think there are a lot of sites out there better than ashley madison when it comes to dating. that being said it’s still good. it’s just not the best.

  50. Octavio Costello

    i love sites like this and will NEVER use another site again! i can’t believe i passed this one over for so long; it just always helps me find the right woman!


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