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Women want to use a dating site that makes them feel welcome. DatingAffair pushes them away with their focus on T&A, which means no one's around to actually date you. is one of the most useless and broken sites we’ve ever been to, bar none.

This site is absolutely worthless to anyone who wants to have an affair. It does the most basic things completely wrong. The whole site is built wrong, like it has no idea how a dating or affair site is supposed to work and never bothered to ask the right way to do it.

married dating scam alert image is full of men, empty of women, broken to the point of being unusable, and totally full of crap.

So, what happened to make us HATE so much? Let’s take a closer look at one of the worst sites we’ve ever used and discover why it’s awful together.

You can tell from the second you click on who their target audience is.

This site is made for men.

As men, that worries us. We want our sites to be made for women, so that hot women will join them in hopes of having a relationship with some men. You know, common sense.

The second you get to, all you see is ass and titties, ass and titties, titties and ass. There is absolutely NOTHING here for women-and we’re pretty sure that if we were women, we’d be turned off by in a matter of seconds. We’d leave and go to a different site, and probably NEVER tell any of my friends that was a good site for having an affair online.

front image for dating affair

That’s NOT what we want in our dating sites.

If you’re not trying to attract women as a dating site, let alone an affair dating site, then you’re totally stupid. Men will sign up for any site that promises them that they’ll have an affair. It’s practically scientifically proven that we have no self-control when it comes to getting laid.

But if you’re not at all trying to appeal to women, you’re not going to GET any women. That means all you’re going to have is a big website full of disgruntled dude customers, which is exactly what we found during our comparison of DatingAffair. Test Results: What We Learned After Trying For Married Dating

During our time on, we sent out 450 emails, for all the good it did us. We have to say first that it was NOT easy to send out that many emails to girls on this site.

This wasn’t because we couldn’t find profiles of girls we wanted to hook up with. More often, it was because the site was pretty much broken! We had TERRIBLE times trying to load pages only to find that they wouldn’t load, or clicking around profiles and getting sent back to the main page, and not being able to find OR delete our search history.

The site is broken.

But even if it was broken, we still wanted to make sure we were giving a comprehensive review. Therefore, we bravely soldiered on, even though it took about ten times as long as it would to send emails on a nice sleek site like

Unfortunately, our perseverance was not rewarded. After all that effort we put in, we only got two emails back!

Two out of 450 is our record low point for an affair dating website. If it weren’t for the fact that we’ve used some great sites in the past, would have made us give up on married dating sites for good. Yeah, it was really that bad.

We didn’t get a single date the entire time we were on We didn’t get laid the whole time, either.

Well, we DID, but we didn’t get laid because of We got laid because we were using multiple dating sites at the same time. There’s no way we’re going three months without getting laid just to prove to you guys how useless is.

Is A Scam, Or Just Not Worth It?

If you went to college when personal computers were JUST starting to be a thing that everyone had, you’ll recognize the frustration we felt every time we tried to use

It reminded us of old college websites, the ones that took six minutes to load a single page and would always have directories inside of directories, and you had to go through ALL of them before you could find a phone number or check a class schedule. is a MESS.

This website shouldn’t have been given the green light to go live. It’s in complete shambles, and it’s all over the place. Someone should have cleaned it up before it got this far, and it’s utterly obnoxious in the way that it’s so completely and totally useless. is FULL of men. We’d like to make a joke about how it’s secretly a gay love site, but actually HAS a gay love site affiliate called…which sounds like something even a self-respecting gay dude should stay away from.

(If there are any gay dudes reading this for a friend or something, stay away from! These people don’t know what they’re doing!)

Should You Use For Married Dating? Review Conclusion

You should definitely NOT use for married dating. This is a website that will take your money and give you nothing in return but a bunch of heartburn and frustration.

You probably won’t even be able to use to get laid, since it’s always crashing, but if you do, take note: the site is not going to be up and functional for too much longer, so don’t sink all of your money into an expensive membership. Obvious scam sites like don’t last too long, they get taken down by their scammy bosses in SouthEast Asia and Eastern Europe, then renamed and put up again. You’ll see again, just under a different name.

Try a better website instead, like That’s a site where you can hook up and have fun WITHOUT getting taken for a ride that you don’t want.

50 Responses to “Review of Why We Didn’t Rank As One Of Our Top Married Dating Sites”

  1. first of all dating affair has a dumb name. second of all it needs a bad review because it’s a bad site. don’t spend time or money here.

  2. no comparison to this craphole except a craphole. it’s really not good. the women on here aren’t real at all, just scammers

  3. Snappy Elvish Brigadier

    definitely a scam. you will not meet a single real woman on this site, it’s all private investigators and scam bots. good luck with that

  4. i can’t figure out if is legit or not. i hope it is because it seems like a fun site but it just misses for me so far

  5. Maxwell Howe

    not good. there isn’t anything on this site that makes me want to come back for more. really pass this one over and spend money somewhere else

  6. this is a bad affair site. you won’t get laid on because the women aren’t even real. seriously save your money.

  7. 0 out of 10 rating and i wish i could give it even lower. it doesn’t do anything that you’re paying it to do so really pass on it

  8. Crunchy Crisp Honey

    a baaad dating site. you won’t get laid on here let alone get to talk to a single woman. really don’t spend money on this one

  9. i wish that were better for dating but honestly it seems a LOT more sex geared. that’s just not my thing

  10. Terry Munshower

    when i think of sites like this i just have a few requirements. unfortunately this site misses all of them. really don’t bother with it!

  11. happy to leave a bad review on as it just scams everyone that goes on it. really don’t spend your money here.

  12. in comparison to every other site, i have never gotten a message returned over here. that’s just dismal and not worth a single penny

  13. Lamb Young

    definitely a scam in every aspect. you won’t get laid on this site so why would you even bother, but at i guess the pics are hot

  14. i was really hoping that dating affair is legit but i’m not sure now. i hope it still turns out to be that way but so far it just kind of flops

  15. Kurt Iseman

    not good and it never will be. don’t expect anything from this site if you can help it. it misses in about ten different ways

  16. Jacquiline

    this is the worst affair site i have ever used. is just a hot mess of fake profiles and scammers all over it

  17. the only rating this site deserves is an F-. i can’t believe it’s still up and working and scamming more people every single day

  18. Needless Rotten Rebel

    don’t expect anything from this dating site. it won’t give you anything but a mess of scammers and e-mails that are all fake

  19. it just doesn’t seem to be working for dating so far but i am going to give another chance. let’s see if that changes

  20. Murray Fields

    when i see sites like this i just shake my head. they are obvious scams and you should know that by now. either way don’t spend money here obviously!!

  21. the only review this site is worth is a bad one. misses every mark and it won’t get you laid at all.

  22. in comparison, i have been on a bunch of other sites and always met up with a lot of ladies. this one, not so much. really misses the mark.

  23. Modern Star

    it’s a scam that everyone can see from a mile away. don’t spend money on a site like this, it just fuels their fire

  24. i’m not sure if datingaffair is legit or not but i sure hope it is. so far it’s been slow going but i hope that changes in the future

  25. Jared Yonkie

    NOT GOOD. you won’t get laid on here because there isn’t a real profile on the whole site. it just doesn’t work at all.

  26. i didn’t expect much from this affair site and that’s a good thing. is nothing but a mess of fake profiles.

  27. 0 out of 10. i can’t imagine this with anything better of a rating so don’t even try to use it. you will just be disappointed and out some cash.

  28. Risky Antelope

    honestly this poor excuse of a dating site is just gross. the profiles are all fake and it’s really obvious. don’t give them your money.

  29. i gave this site a try for dating and so far has just been okay??? not sure about my final verdict, but not that impessed

  30. Walter Faust

    when i use sites like this i dont expect that much but honestly at least have a few real girls. there’s just nothing on here

  31. the only review this site gets is a bad one from me. datingaffair misses all the marks, it just isn’t good at all so pass it over

  32. no comparison. it’s bad. it’s really bad. nothing can come close. you won’t get a single lay on here let alone a single real message

  33. Small Volunteer

    while it’s definitely a scam at least you can count on the fake profile pics being hot LOL. that’s really the only good thing about it!

  34. i’m not sure if datingaffair is legit. i wish it would be because i do like the look of some of the women on this website!

  35. Lavern Berkheimer

    not good at all and it’s obvious. the women on here are all fake profiles and nothing else, so just leave while you still can

  36. it’s a really crappy affair site and they don’t bother hiding it. dating affair is just not good and it will scam you out of your money

  37. the only rating this site gets from me is an F. it misses every single mark, and i will never use it again nor will i rec it

  38. Permanent King

    pretty bad for a dating site. i don’t expect perfection but at least make some attempt to weed out all the fake profiles on there

  39. i wish that was better. i wanted to try it for dating but as of yet it seems a little flaky, just not good

  40. Ralph Pittman

    when i see sites like this, i just end up cringing. really nothing good about it and it doesn’t deserve to still be functional!

  41. is the worst site i have had to review so far. it’s just AWFUL. the profiles are all fake and it’s hard to believe it’s still up

  42. few sites come close in comparison to how bad this one is. it’s just a hot mess and really not good at all for you or your wallet

  43. don’t expect anything from a scam like this. the women on here are all fake and they don’t bother hiding that fact

  44. enjoy all the fake profiles but otherwise i hope this site is legit. dating affair seems like it could be a lot of fun if it would clean up a bit

  45. Andres Bruxner

    not good. it never will be either so don’t spend a dime on this site. it will just scam you out of all of your money.

  46. this is a really bad affair site. knows it too so don’t expect anything. it will just take your money and run.

  47. the only rating i want to throw over here is a 0. it’s just bad. wish it could be even worse to be honest because it’s awful

  48. Forsaken Duck

    this is not my favorite dating site nor will it ever be. lots of fakes on here and a few private investigators too

  49. ehhh for dating. i wish datingaffair were better but so far it’s slow moving and while the girls are hot i’m not sure that makes up for it

  50. when i see sites like this, i am always disappointed. it’s just so obviously full of fakes, don’t bother throwing any money to them


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