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Not the worst of a bad bunch, but this site needs to keep trying before it gets into good territory. at least lives up to HALF of its name: it’s an adventure in frustration.

The unfortunate thing is that has the potential to be a pretty good site! There are a lot of women here…sort of (more on that later). The site template isn’t awful, and it’s not over-cluttered like a lot of terrible sites can get.

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So, why did we rank so low on our list of the top married dating sites?

Let’s take a look at some of the things does so very wrong.

There isn’t really all that much to The site is not bad-looking, but it does suffer from the opposite problem of being too full of features-there are almost no features.

In fact, the only features that offers are messages, winks, and instant chat. There are no separate emails, no icebreakers, no video rooms, no chat rooms, no articles…basically, there’s nothing to separate this site from the pack.

None of that would matter, of course, if had actually gotten us laid. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, and we had to make do without Top 3 Married Dating Sites,,, and

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During our time on, we sent out messages to 450 women. That’s one email every day, for each of five guys all located in different cities across the U.S., for a period of three full months.

On our FAVORITE site, we got 371 emails back, which was a fabulous percentage. On, it was a little less fabulous and a lot more like 91.

That’s not a TERRIBLE percentage. It’s just over 20 percent, which is about what you find at most dating sites that aren’t all that exciting, but not all that bad, either. The unfortunate thing is that we didn’t really get to follow up any of those 91 leads!

We set up dates with two women, but only one of them actually showed at the restaurant. She chickened out on having an affair halfway through the meal, and we went home alone to try out another dating site. That was a definite drag, since the girl was actually pretty hot. She wasn’t quite the Barbie type we talk about in our guide to dating married Barbie, but she definitely came pretty close, and was really nice to look at.

Too bad she wasn’t really looking for an affair! isn’t a horrible scam-the women are definitely real, they’re just not really looking to hook up.

Is A Scam, Or Just Not Worth It?

Before we go into some of the “features” that this site uses (spoiler: there aren’t very man), we have to mention something that makes truly frustrating.

Yes, the fact that there’s the heart of a good site hiding among the mediocrity here is obnoxious. We really WANTED to have good results on

Hell, it’s one of the first married dating sites out there! We were hoping that by being one of the sites that premiered the whole “married dating” thing, they’d actually have their crap together and know what they were doing, but we were wrong.

The REALLY obnoxious thing about this site is one of their terrible features: Profile Off/On.

The ability to turn your profile off and on is one of the things that theoretically is a good idea, but instead turns into a ghost site every so often.

Basically, the idea is that you have your profile switched on whenever you’re actively looking for an affair. If you decide all of a sudden that you no longer want an affair, or you think someone is catching wind of your little escapades, you can switch your profile off. That way, you only have it live online when you’re feeling safe and secure.

Theoretically, this should be a good plan.

Unfortunately, most of the women on don’t use it properly. Hell, we saw women using it like the light switch in the bathroom hallway!

They would sign on for the morning, flick their profile to “on,” and then turn it off again as soon as they were done. If you’re a Gold Member, you have unlimited off/on privileges, which probably makes some people feel safer than they otherwise would.

The upsetting thing is that when a profile is off, you can’t search for them, you can’t send them messages, and you can’t even see for sure that they even exist. If you’re looking for someone you had fun chatting with the day before, good luck finding her again if her profile is off!

Too many girls are ALWAYS off.

We have no idea how many girls actually use, because so many of them are constantly off. We had a huge problem with contacting girls and then having them disappear, only to reappear again a week later. Time is money in the married dating world, and was wasting a lot of it.

Should You Use For Married Dating? Review Conclusion

To be perfectly honest, could be a lot worse. There’s not exactly a big DiscreetAdventures scam, but it’s not a site we’d recommend, either.

At the end of the day, interfaces and site features have almost nothing to do with whether we recommend a website or not. The only thing we cared about during our DiscreetAdventures review was whether or not the site got us laid. Unfortunately, it did not.

This is in direct contrast to our FAVORITE site,, which got us laid again and again!

30 Responses to “Review of Why We Didn’t Rank As One Of Our Top Married Dating Sites”

  1. i couldn’t wait to leave discreet adventures a review. there is NOTHING discreet about it, for one. this site is awful and will NOT get you laid

  2. there’s no comparison to how bad this site is. i can’t believe it’s still up and functioning. it will steal your money and not get you a single lady!

  3. Ugly Rusty Saint

    nothing about this site is good. it’s all a scam. you will not get laid on here and the only good thing is some hot pics on here

  4. when i think about a legit site i’m not sure that i think about discreet adventures. i may or may not keep trying to figure it out

  5. Mason Baskett

    this site is NOT good. you won’t get laid, the women are fake, and they’re also all really ugly. pass on this one.

  6. this isn’t a good affair site at all. i don’t think i’ll be back to discreet adventures ever again because it doesn’t do a thing

  7. nothing about this site deserves a good rating. it’s hard for me to even think about this site after all the money it stole

  8. stay away from this one. it isn’t a good dating site, all it does is give you a headache. the only good thing is hot pics

  9. when i think about a good dating site i am not sure that discreet adventures is in my top pick. it’s just okay for me

  10. Ezekiel Kuster

    sites like this should be taken down immediately. there is NOTHING redeeming about this site at all and it knows it! stay away from here!

  11. couldn’t wait to blast discreet adventures on a review. it does nothing for me and really is a waste of time and money!

  12. Cristopher

    if you want a comparison, think about a sack of crap. that’s it. congratulations, you have now understood this site in a nutshell!

  13. Morbid Seal

    i’m PRETTY SURE that this site is a GIANT SCAM. stay away from it. the only good thing about it are a few hot pics of fakes profiles.

  14. i’m not convinced that is legit. i’m pretty sure that it isn’t very discreet though so i will try somewhere else

  15. Avery Cherry

    there isn’t anything about this site that is good. stay away from here if you want to leave with your dignity intact in the near future

  16. this is an awful affair site. if you have to spend your money somewhere don’t do it on discreet adventures. they will just take it and run.

  17. really deserving of an awful rating. this site is the worst i have used so far and i will not be back to use it again, peace out!

  18. Maxi Romeo

    for a dating site it sure falls flat. i don’t think i will be using this one again in the future, considering how bad it was

  19. the women on here just don’t talk to me. that’s the big problem with discreet adventures for dating, no one talks at all!

  20. Quinn Cowart

    when i see sites like this still operational i just have to shake my head. there’s nothing about this that is good at all!

  21. Barabara

    really happy to leave a bad review on discreet adventures because it DESERVES IT. it just misses every single mark and then some!

  22. there’s no comparison to how baaaad it is. i can’t believe it’s still up and running and scamming people. stay the heck away from this one.

  23. Faxtough

    it’s definitely a scam and you will NOT get laid on this site. you won’t even come close because the girls don’t talk to you!

  24. i’m not sure that is really legit. the women on here are hot but i can’t get them to talk to me at all

  25. Federico Mitchell

    if you are looking for a good site then pass this one over. there’s nothing about it that wows me at all and i think it’s a scam

  26. one of the WORST affair sites i have ever seen. i can’t stand discreet adventures and think it should be taken down. pass this one for sure

  27. 0 out of 10 rating. this site is just that bad. the women on it aren’t even real so you are throwing your money away at absolutely nothing

  28. Agent Giant

    for me this dating site is just a headache. it’s full of fakes and you won’t get laid. the women aren’t real at all

  29. Benedict

    not sure about discreet adventures for dating. it seems more all about sex and that’s just not the kind of thing that i’m into

  30. Vance Coughenour

    sites like this need to be taken down. i can’t believe it’s still up and scamming people. stay the heck away from this one


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