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We loved enough to rank it #1 in our Top Three listing. is the BEST site we’ve EVER tried for dating married people, bar none.

This is the site that all other married dating sites should aspire to be like. We got a better result on here than we ever have ANYWHERE else, and it was good enough that we couldn’t WAIT to come back after our EroticAffairs review. There’s just no end to the good things we can say about after our experience!

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Seriously, when we go looking for sites where we can have a great affair, we expect them to get some stuff wrong. Mostly we’re hoping that a site will get one or two things right, so we can at least hook up with a woman or two before leaving the site. got a LOT of things right. This site wasn’t just not-broken, it was downright HELPFUL. We actually picked up some tips and tricks during our time here that have served us well on this site AND on some of the other good ones we’ve tried!

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It’s #1! Check out EroticAffairs

If you’re still not sure if is right for your style, let’s take a closer look at exactly which features we love, which ones were just okay, and why is our NUMBER ONE pick for helping you meet a smoking hot married woman online.

There are some sites that we dread reviewing, because we’ve heard so much about them. was actually one of them, at first!

We’d heard a lot about how was one of the best sites for having affairs, and honestly, we were a little hesitant. There was a little thought that maybe, MAYBE those reviews had been skewed by the reader’s perceptions, or maybe they were trying to flesh out their “positive” section of their dating site review page.

We were cautious, and didn’t want to get our hopes up…and we couldn’t have been more wrong. was a FANTASTIC time from beginning to end. We had so much fun on here that every single one of us (that’s five dudes in five different cities) now has a year’s membership to this site.

We’ve met more women, had more fun using the features, and been more pleased with the customer service on this site than we have on any other website we’ve tried. promises a LOT, and it delivers!

How We Fared After Using For 3 Months: Is Worth The Effort?

When we review websites where you can meet married women to hook up, we have a very strict methodology. There are five of us guys, all living in different cities. We all use the same site during our reviews, and keep separate data files of our success rates. When we’re done with the review, we compile all that data and see just how good the site really is.

We used for three months, each sending out one email a day, for a total of 450 women contacted. Yeah, that sounds like a lot, but on most sites, you can expect a response rate of 20 percent at BEST. That’s including big name sites like eHarmony, let alone all the sites that aren’t worth a damn (like the ones on our list of the WORST married dating sites).

We were blown away by the results.

We’d expected maybe a 30 percent success rate, around 120, maybe as high as 150 emails, since people had said that was such a fantastic site. That would have been a GREAT rate of response, and we’d have been very happy.

We got 371 emails back.

If you’re keeping score, that’s over 80 percent! That would be pretty much record-breaking on most sites out there, and to achieve it on a site meant primarily for affairs is shocking and awesome.

Of those 371 replies, we had some fantastic conversations with the girls on there, and set up dates with 29 of them. 23 girls showed up, and these were, to tell the complete truth, some of the best dates we’ve EVER had in our lives. These married women were HOT, and they were totally ready for anything we had in mind!

How do we know? Well, we wound up hooking up with 21 of them. What does THAT tell you?

Our Top 3 Messages We Used On that Got Us The Best Responses

Email 1: “Hey, Alyssa. Wow, the only thing hotter than a woman as gorgeous as you is one who knows how to strut her stuff like you obviously do. I’ve never seen a lady as hot as you who was also into Neruda’s work. Is it too cheesy to ask how long it’s been since you’ve been made to feel like spring and the cherry blossoms?”

Result: A wild hookup that left us both satisfied for the next week…and another hookup right after that!

Email 2: “Hi, Jilly. With a name that cute I’d have expected you to be some kind of contrast, but sometimes the packaging does match the inside, I guess. I’d love to see more of your photo, when you feel a little more comfortable with me. How about I send you one, and we call it our first date?”

Result: Jilly was as hot as we thought! We only hooked up with her once, but it was a memorable time.

Email 3: “Hi, Aly. I have to say, what little I can see of your photo inspires me-but not half so much as the things you put in your “About Me” section. The way you phrase your lifestyle sounds so intriguing and inviting, I just confess myself captivated. I can’t imagine a woman as eloquent as you would have a hard time finding her needs met. I’ve only just met you, and already I’m thinking about how I can make your fantasies come true.”

Result: We were NOT ready for Aly! She was a crazy chick, that resulted in some of the weirdest, best sex we ever had.

What Did We Think Made Awesome? Here Are The Features We Loved

There’s a lot to do on, which makes it a great place to spend some time even between your affairs. There are chat rooms, video rooms, audio chats, and pretty much everything you can think of.

This is a FULL-FEATURED SITE that takes its user base very seriously. You’re going to find that your money is very respected on this site, and your membership is absolutely a case of for once in life, getting EXACTLY what you paid for.

Blow Your Competition Out Of The Water On Our Most Secret Successful Married Dating Strategies

One of the interesting things about is that the women seem extremely well put-together, but most of the men are interested in only one thing: cash.

This is NOT the site for you to try and be a gold digger. The women here are wise to that game, and they don’t want to be your sugar mama. Instead, make sure you subtly let everyone know that you’re quite able to take care of yourself financially, and you’re not looking to be a burden on anyone. You’re looking for a wild lover, not a banker. That will help you to stand out as someone who ISN’T a part of an EroticAffairs scam.

The Things Could Do Better

This might sound like a cop-out, but it’s true-the worst thing about is that it’s VERY EASY to spend a lot more time than you anticipate on this site. Particularly the video chat rooms are extremely addictive, and you don’t want to stop viewing!

Some of the chat rooms have amazing discussions as well, and post tips and tricks that you can use to help get an edge even with our tactics. We learned a lot from this site, but we’re serious-it’s NOT good to try and spend too much time on any one site. If you do that, the girls on that site will think that you’re needy, which is a total turn-off. You can also wind up neglecting your time on other sites. No matter how good one site is, you want to make SURE to stick to your schedule (check out our guide to setting up your strategy for online dating for more about how to make a schedule).

In The End: Was Good For Married Dating? Read Our Full Review Of!

We can’t recommend highly enough. Believe us, we’re trying. This site is everything we wanted from an affair site, and way, way more than we expected.

The fact that we hooked up with 21 girls in just three months is STAGGERING to us. That’s a better rate than we had on any other site, bar none. Top that off with the fact that has the best features around, and they’ve made us customers for life.

50 Responses to “ Review – What Made Us Rank at #1 For Married Dating”

  1. this site is amazing!!! i love erotic affairs because it actually works. they do what they say they’re going to do: help you meet up with gorgeous women

  2. there’s no comparison to this site. i love it because i can actually talk to women and not ever have my messages NOT returned. awesome website.

  3. i was alway worried this site was a scam but it definitely isn’t. the women are hot here and a lot of fun. i just wish that i could get more of them to talk to me!

  4. this site is probably legit, but it isn’t my favorite. i think has a few good things about it but it still isn’t my absolute favorite!

  5. Marco Jelliman

    this site is REALLY good. i’m so happy to be able to use it because i meet a ton of hot ladies on it and i’m apparently pretty good at getting them to talk to me. love this site!

  6. i’ve never been on an affair site that is this good. erotic affairs is AWESOME, these women are super hot and i am really thrilled with being able to chat with them

  7. this site DESERVES an amazing rating. love this site, these women are so hot, i’ve had more fun on this site than i have anywhere else in a long time

  8. nothing about this dating site is PERFECT but it still does a great job in some things. it’s just not my favorite but i still will be back to enjoy it from time to time

  9. isn’t the best dating site out there…it’s really more about sex as far as i’ve seen but i have still had a good amount of fun on here for me to keep coming back

  10. William Ratcliff

    when i see sites like this they can always be sooo hit or miss. for me it’s a big hit though! i love the women i’ve met on here and i won’t trade them away for anything

  11. this site is really amazing and i was so happy to be able to review it. erotic affairs does a great job of helping you meet a ton of women. you really can’t pass this one up

  12. there are few sites that come close in comparison. i love this site and think that i will be back here again, the women are just super hot and made of some really wonderful stuff

  13. Dusty Laser

    when i find sites like this to try i’m always worried that they’ll be a scam, but this one isn’t. it can just be a little slow to get started but if you try it, you can still have a lot of fun

  14. i think is legit but it’s still not GREAT. it’s just kind of meh as far as i’m concerned, i’m not sure that i’ve ever really gotten a woman on here

  15. Dario Bowman

    this site is REALLY GOOD AND I WILL NOT TRY ANOTHER ONE. i’ve always been able to find the right woman to have fun with me on here and nowhere else!

  16. this is an awesome affair site. i’ve had better luck on than i have anywhere else. i won’t use another site after how well this one has worked for me!

  17. this site definitely gets my best rating. i can’t imagine another site doing what this one does; it’s a real superstar as far as affair sites go, really awesome!

  18. Tiny Elf

    for a dating site it could be better but i still will use it from time to time. i just think it’s way too focused on sex for me and i’m far more of a romantic

  19. for dating i think eroticaffairs is kind of a miss. it’s a great site if you’re all over women for sex but for me i prefer to take it a lot slower. just kind of eh!

  20. Jordon Blaine

    when it comes to sites like this i am rarely as happy as i am in using this one. it just hits it out of the park, it’s really amazing and does exactly what i want it to do!

  21. i was SO thrilled to leave this site a great review. it does the trick and then some. has helped me find the most amazing women that i have ever met

  22. nothing comes close in comparison. this is my favorite site by far and i think that i will be back to use it again and again. the women here are just a dozen times hotter!

  23. Purple Gravel

    if you are looking for a site that isn’t a scam and that does the right trick, then this is the one for you. you will get laid here. that being said the site does have some loading time issues!

  24. nothing about this site isn’t legit but still isn’t THE BEST out there i’d say. i will be back to use it from time to time but it’s still not that great

  25. Mitchell Whittier

    this is a really good, solid site that has impressed me again and again. can’t pass this one up as far as finding some hot ladies, i will be back for more!

  26. the women on this affair site are just hotter. attracts the hottest women i have ever seen, i can’t believe there were so many of them in my area

  27. for me the only rating i can give is a huge A+. this site hits it out of the park and then some. really awesome, just does a great job at helping me have an affair

  28. Mini Beauty Panther

    there isn’t another dating site that is like this one. it’s still a little problematic to get women to reply to messages but honestly it does a great job overall

  29. i can’t say this is my FAVORITE dating site but erotic affairs is ok once in awhile. i just think that it has a few things wrong with it that could be corrected in the future

  30. Lyndon Knapenberger

    when it comes to sites like this, i rarely see something i want to come back for. this one however is just great. i had a great time with the affair i started here

  31. few sites can get a review out of me. this one hits it out of the park though and that’s why i HAVE to let everyone know about it’s just that awesome.

  32. you will be able to have an affair here. that’s guaranteed and there’s no comparison to that. you won’t believe how many gorgeous ladies are on here either

  33. Surreal Trombone

    for me this site is just good. i was worried it was a scam but when i saw it wasn’t, i was thrilled. can’t get over how great this site is and how awesome it is

  34. this site is legit but that doesn’t mean it’s GREAT. eroticaffairs does a good enough job i guess but i was annoyed weeding through a lot of old profiles

  35. this site is pretty good. i will be back to meet more women on it for sure and i was impressed with how many women are actually on here. pretty nice!

  36. this is a great affair site. it’s discreet and easy to use and you really can’t beat that. eroticaffairs just does a good job overall at helping you meet women.

  37. this gets a 10 out of 10 rating for sure! i LOVE this site. the women i have met on here are the most amazing women i have met in my entire life.

  38. Baroness Circus

    it’s hard to find a good dating site but this is one of them. you won’t regret coming on here and chatting up a bunch of hot ladies. they love the attention!

  39. for me this is just an ok site for dating. erotic affairs could be a lot better but it misses the mark in a few places. i’ll give it a try again to see how that works out.

  40. Ernesto Countryman

    if you are looking for sites like this, then look no further. this is one of the better places i have ever been able to have an affair on. it just does a good job overall!


  42. i can’t think of another site that comes close in comparison. i’ve never been able to meet women very easily in my area but this site takes all of the effort out of it!

  43. Johnny Grimbeard

    when i first joined i thought it would be a scam. it definitely isn’t though and for that i’m really thrilled. that being said it still can be slow going so just keep that in mind

  44. while erotic affairs is legit, it’s still not my favorite place to go and pick up some hot ladies. it does a good job at some things and not so good at others.

  45. Erasmo Isaman

    if you are looking at a GOOD site to use this one is hit. you won’t be let down by this one. there’s honestly not another site out there that does a better job

  46. takes all the failure that a lot of affair site hubs usually have and turns it into something amazing. these girls are SO HOT and you will get to meet them!

  47. 10 out of 10. this one really knocks it out of the park and that’s why it gets my highest rating. there isn’t anyone else that can come close to making this happen!

  48. Lone Gravy

    for a dating site i expected a lot more. overall though i am impressed that i did get to meet a few of these women, there were just some crazies in the bunch

  49. i think this site is decent for dating but not great. erotic affairs could be managed better, there are a lot of older profiles on here, kind of hit and miss

  50. Chester Throckmorton

    i LOVE sites like this. you really can’t go wrong with a reliable site to help you actually meet women. it’s just great and does a great job at what it promises


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